Videos: All Five Rick White Videos on DVD

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  Videos: All Five Rick White Videos on DVD
Videos: All Five Rick White Videos on DVD

Get 1/3 OFF, if you get all Five Videos from Rick White's Sailing Seminars. now ALL on One DVD. They Are:

  • Total Boat Handling (Gain complete control of your boat -- stop on a dime, accelerate quickly, tack and jibe fast make the boat do what YOU want IT to do, not what It wants to do
  • Upwind Sailing & the Complete Catamaran Rolltack (Learn everything about getting to the upwind mark quickly and also learn to do very fast roll tacks -- instead of 25 seconds to tack, you will tack in mere seconds)
  • Great Starts and Finishes (Learn how to have great starts every time.., and learn the importance of the finish and how many boats you can pass there)
  • Great Mark Roundings (Learn to pass many, many boats at each and every mark! You will always come away in clear air and in good tactical position!
  • Downwind Sailing (Learn all the top secrets of downwind speed.., Plus all about Spinnakers, Hooters, & Snuffers!

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