Iím still facing some problems with my rudder cams. I dis-assembled all items - even delrin screws went easy - and replaced the rudder cams. My first problem seems to be the special shaft (splint ?) that should hold the cam and keep itself in place because compression is needed while assembling. Even new ones seems to get loose after a short while after which the rotating centre of the cam gets out of place. I intend to order special rudder cam pins (solid tight fit shaft with countersink head and countersink screw) to solve this problem. Or have them made locally (stainless steel). Looks like my castings are slightly worn out but testing with a Ý 6 mm axle doesnít say soÖ
Next problem is proper adjustment. When done as described in one of the previous replies to this topic I need to apply quite some pretension in order to keep my rudders in position at high speed and when hitting plants etc in the (sea)water. However when tested by hand the rudders kick up quite smooth and with the rudder cam in right position. So far so good. However when I want to release my rudders by lifting the helms when sitting on the trampoline the starboard rudder is no problem. But the portside rudder demands quite some force. When released the rudder cam is in the right position. I used WD40 and grease on silicon base. Can not find any reason for the large difference.

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