i have been happily sailing a 5.2 solo for a few years now

on a small lake with gusty winds, learning to use the trapeze makes it much less stressful when trying to go fast

both are too much for me to right solo on our lake, part of this is due to having no waves or consistent wind to help the righting

i originally wanted a h16 but none were available locally

when both were new the nacra cost about 50% more, you can see it in the quality of the traveller etc.

was out coaching a guy on his h16 the other day and even though i was watching the leeward bow like a hawk and hand holding the mainsheet it still pitchpoled on us as i was too used to the forgiving nature of the long buoyant 5.2 bows

have never pitchpoled the 5.2, it might be possible if you try but so far i've been able to bury it to the main beam several times and have it just pop out if main is released

sailing without the jib is an easy depower on the 5.2 for solo, but you need to start tacking by releasing the traveller and not just the mainsheet


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