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I'm a few miles from the beach at Folly so you know exactly where I hope to be launching from! Since I just moved here, I don't know anyone on Folly yet but I'm right on the edge of James Island so trailering won't be too bad (except for getting it in and out)

Thats another thing I didn't think about...permits and registration. I know with the AquaCat that you didn't need one because it was smaller. I'm assuming I'd need to register the 16 or the 18?

Technically you are supposed to title the boat in S.C. (which I found out only recently) but you don't have to carry registration or registration numbers on it as long as it is under 21' and doesn't have an engine/motor. Folly Beach has some sort of permit system (or did) where you have to have a sticker on the boat to prove you have permission to leave the boat on the beach.

Used to launch there just north of the Holiday Inn. If you're really lucky, a homeless guy might come up and help in the morning. They used to sleep under the catamarans there on the beach (so leave your boat north of there if possible!) ;-) I actually got to know one of the guys, "Chillie"...he actually knew some stuff about cats and really did help me rig. After rigging, he would say he would appreciate some beer money. I said I appreciated the honesty and the help and would give him a 10 spot. ;-)

Jake Kohl