For those coming to the Nationals in Key Largo, be aware that NASCAR has a big race in Homestead (about 20 miles away) and that usually fills all the rooms in Key Largo as well.

So, if you want a room, better get on the phone and make reservations TODAY!

Here at Rick's Place we still have two studios available, but that is all.

Major Warning! For those coming to the F18HTNorth Americans and F16HP Nationals.

The weekend of Nov 15-17 conflicts with NASCAR Racing at the Homestead Race Track. This means that rooms will be impossible to find here in Key Largo (I know we are 25 miles away, but the car race folks pack Key Largo and you will not find any discounted room rates.

SO, Don't waste time. Call today!

*Host hotel and Headquarters is Rick's Place Motel -- Call Mary 305-451-3287 for the latest in availability and rates,

*Rick's Place 305-451-3287 (launching and beach)

*Amoray, 305-451-3595 (no launching, no beach-next door)

*Kelly's, 305-451-1622 (no launching, no beach-walking dist)

*Neptune's, 305-451-0357 (beach, no launching-walking dist.)

*Gilbert's Family Paradise Island 305-451-1133 (launching and beach-3 minute drive)

Please do not wait.

Please Pre-Register as soon as you can on this website.Just click on the following:



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