Several of us are getting together for an informal sail/race from New Symrna to the Ocean Deck (Daytona Beach) and back this Sunday. We will beach at the Ocean Deck for a few refreshments and sail/race back.
<br> From I-4 or I-95, take the New Smyrna exit (S.R. 44), go all the
<br> way to A1A, go south on A1A.
<br> Take the first ramp to the beach. It is supposed to be behind
<br> Chase's bar.
<br> I have not been there and the directions are second hand from
<br> Novak!
<br> People are planning on being there between 11:00 and 11:30.
<br>I hope to see there.
<br>David Ingram<br><br>

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