I plucked this from the F18 forum. As some may remember we had a similar proposed setup of two jibs in the Early F16 class but ultimately decided against. After input from several sailors and builder/designers. Of course our crew weight range is smaller too so we had less need for such a rule too.

(from the formula 18 site at http://www.f18.nl/index.html?Frame_Updated.html&Updated_2002.html )


We have received the following information about the jib form Olivier Bovyn, the F18 Class Association President:

The small/big jib issue has been put on the table in December for discussion
and scrutinising through the various national associations.

According to the ISAF regulations, any change in the class rules has to be
submitted by the 1st September deadline, to be dealt with during the November
conference, prior to be in force.

At this stage, we have not taken any formal decision on this subject yet.
We will debate it for final decision during the WC meeeting in Koksijde,
according to the inputs you will all bring back to the council.

That means you may inform the Dutch F18 sailors that any decision about the subject
will not enter into effect prior 1st March 2004, and that the 2003 season will be sailed
under the current crew weight rules, related to the two sizes of jibs and spis.

Kind regards,


(Inserted: 19 January 2003)


A suggestion has been made to limit the two jibs to only one (with the maximum of 4.15 m2) for all crew weight categories.
All the national F18 association received this request from the International F18 Association to checkout by there members if the small jib can be dropped (the small spi will stay) for team with a crew weight below the 140 KG.
The dutch F18 association and the members who where on the last spring-meeting in december, have decided that the small jib can be dropped.
Reasons were e.g. the extra costs, no development in the small jib, heavier crews won most of the important regatta's in the past etc.

The following document is send back to the International F18 Association: Jib F18 2003 ()
As soon as there is more information about the status of the small jib we will inform you!

If you want to react to this: Bestuur@f18.nl

(Inserted: 03 January 2003)



Wouter Hijink
Formula 16 NED 243 (one-off; homebuild)
The Netherlands