Be sure to pass the word.
<br>We at want to build our Search Engine Database with as many nautical links as possible. If you, your class, division, fleet, club and/or company have anything to do with anything nautical or interesting, you can enter that info in our database by yourself.
<br>1) At the top of this Forum, click on Search Engine.
<br>2) Click on Suggest a Site at the top of the next page
<br>3) Fill in all the details you would like included (be sure to use as many keywords as you can think of that best describe the site)
<br>After that it will come to our admin for approval. Once approved it will be shown on our Search and eventual Great Links Page.
<br>Be sure to let everyone know about this -- it is important to all of us.
<br>Rick White<br><br>

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