Its that time of year again where your fearless fleet prognosticators predict how many regattas YOU will attend next year and how many are needed for it to be "well supported" so that they can come up with a viable schedule.

I am looking for comments on how many regattas you ACTUALLY would do in a month?

How far would you travel for two weekend regattas spaced with one weekend in between?

How important is camping for keeping the costs down?

Would you put a three day regatta (EG. CRAM Catfight or Spring Fever) at the top of your list of events to do? and how far would you travel for this event?

Do you want a fleet captain to support you in commiting to and making a regatta?

Does your sailing region (US Sailing Area's) need such an event. Some that I know of are:

New England?

Mid Atlantic?

South Atlantic: Spring Fever

Mideast: Cat Fight

Florida: Tradewinds

Upstate New York Madcatter (Hobie only)

Your region ???

Any other questions or factors we should ask?