Surf and Ocean Sailing Seminar:
<br>10:30am - 5pm, Friday, Aug 31 (day before Ruff Riders)
<br>South Padre Island
<br>with Special Guest Mike Worrell.
<br>Details: PI Sailing is sponsoring a surf and ocean sailing seminar in South
<br>Padre Island, the day before Ruff Riders. The seminar will include in-class
<br>instruction as well as off the beach (gulf side) surf instruction and
<br>practice. All cat sailors, beginners to experts, are encouraged to attend
<br>this seminar.
<br>Mike Worrell will be our special guest. With 30 years of experience in
<br>racing and organizing ocean races, Mike should bring a unique perspective to
<br>this seminar. Mike will also be a special guest of the Ruff Rider regatta
<br>on Sept 1-2. He will join Scott Kee on the race committee boat.
<br>Registration: Early registration is encouraged. Pre-register by Aug 15 and
<br>pay only $15 per boat (2 people). Registration will be $30 on the day of
<br>the event. You may pre-register by replying to this e-mail with your name,
<br>address and type of boat. You may make a check out to PI Sailing and send
<br>it to:
<br>PI Sailing
<br>4002 Ave C
<br>Austin, TX 78751
<br>For more information, please see
<br>Let us know if you need more information.
<br>Steve Piche and Ian Billings
<br>PI Sailing

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