Slip to Ship, Ocean Springs, MS, Memorial Weekend

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Slip to Ship, Ocean Springs, MS, Memorial Weekend - 05/04/07 09:41 PM

The usual race to the island and back, and around Deer I. on Sunday

Camping at YC is rather primitive, but there is a bar, and lots of good food nearby. Let's just say that there's no great big YC building to get in the way of parking the boats and trailers.

Contact Dennis Furey, Commodore OSYC,
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bounce - 05/06/07 09:41 PM

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Re: bounce - 05/06/07 11:40 PM

Will there be a NOR and pre-registration? Looking forward to coming for the first time.
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Dispense with formality - we are in OS - 05/07/07 03:28 PM

This race not only doesn't have an NOR, protests are not allowed...

This is the usual way of things. Please be advised that this notice is in NO WAY official, as the Commodore of the CCC is neither a member of nor on the board of OSYC.

So here's a sked for ya, if all goes as usual. OSYC reserves the right to diverge from this sked:

Get to OSYC on Friday. Set up your boat, b.s'ing with people all the while. Set up your tent or register at the hotel you're staying at. Hang out all Friday evening either at OSYC or at some local bar (some people do digress...)

Saturday morning, likely around 8ish, someone will arrive with breakfast foods and drinks. Registration will commence then. Please do the RC a favor and know your sail number and Portsmouth number. Entry fee is probably somewhere between 50-60 bux (that may change too).

Depending on weather, somewhere around 10-11 am on Sat, the first start will commence sending the slower rated boats to East Ship Island. Some 30 minutes later, the second start will commence sending the faster half of the fleet off to E. Ship.

When you get to East Ship, some 12ish miles away, you'll be finished either a bit offshore between a mark and a boat or between something on the island and a mark. It's a barrier island and the sand shifts, so this is definitely gonna vary. There will be food, drinks, etc. there at the island. While waiting for everyone to finish, you'll b.s. with folks out there, relax in the water, eat, drink, explore a bit.

Prolly around 2-3 pm, dependent on weather and the speed of the finishers, there will be a single start back to OSYC going on the same path you took out to the island.

Sat. night is hangout and party at OSYC or local restaurants/bars, more of the same.

Sunday am, around 9-10, there'll be a single start for the race round Deer Island which is just offshore. People will prolly all be finished around 1-2 pm and around 3 or so there will be awards.

People are welcome to hang at OSYC on Sunday night, doing some fun sailing and hanging out and leaving at leisure on Monday.

Just come on down and enjoy yourself. It will be fun.
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Re: Dispense with formality - we are in OS - 05/07/07 04:32 PM

What city should I plugin to googlemaps to get a driving time estimate?
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Re: Dispense with formality - we are in OS - 05/07/07 04:38 PM

heh, he did say ocean springs <img src="" alt="" />
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Re: Dispense with formality - we are in OS - 05/07/07 04:39 PM

I'm a moron.
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Re: Dispense with formality - we are in OS - 05/07/07 04:49 PM

hmm this seems like it would be a fun race to do...
did some research.,-95.677068&sspn=31.839416,82.265625&ie=UTF8&ll=30.234154,-88.927116&spn=0.542221,1.2854&z=10&om=1
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Driving directions - 05/08/07 02:27 PM

Take Interstate 10 to Exit 50 in Mississippi.

Exit 50 exits to Washington St/609, go south, you'll cross a drawbridge, not long after is Hwy 90/Bienville Blvd.

Turn right/west on Hwy 90. Follow it till it ends at the bridge repair. There will be a stop sign and you have no choice but to turn left and dogleg onto a frontage road which is Porter Ave. There is an abandoned convenience store at the intersection.

Turn immediately right, or back to the west, onto Porter. It will meet the beach and make a hard 90' left turn. Right in that bend, next the bridge repair, is a small trailer with some boats around it. That is the temporary OSYC 'clubhouse'
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Wow... an NOR... ain't THIS fancy! - 05/13/07 02:22 PM

2007 Slip To Ship Race

ORGANIZING AUTHORITY: The Organizing Authority for this event shall be Ocean Springs Yacht Club, Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

RULES: The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US SAILING, pertinent Class/Fleet Rules, and this Notice of Race, except
as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions, and by the Sailing Instructions.

ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY: This regatta is open to all multi-hull boats that have a US Sailing Portsmouth number. Eligible boats may be entered by completing an entry form and submitting it by Saturday 26 May 2007 to Ocean Springs Yacht Club with an entry fee of $50.00 for single person boats, $60.00 for two person boats.

EXPECTED CLASSES: This is a multi hull race. Class starts will be briefed at the skippers meeting when numbers of classes are determined. All boats will be scored using the US Sailing Portsmouth rating system.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: (subject to change)
Friday 25 May Arrival and set up.
Saturday 26 May 0900-10oo Final Check-In and Registration
Saturday 26 May 1100 Competitors’ Meeting
Saturday 26 May 1100 or As wind builds, 30 minute beach warning signal for Racing Sequence start
Sunday 27 May Beach briefing at 1030 for race timing
Sunday 27 May 1500 Awards Ceremony

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: The sailing instructions will be available during Check-In and at the Competitors’ Meeting.

COURSES: The courses will be as described in the Sailing Instructions. Saturday’s race will be to the east tip of East Ship Island. Island finish line co-ordinates will be provided in sailing instructions. Sunday’s race will be around Deer Island counter-clockwise. Charts will be included in race instructions. Be advised that there may be underwater obstacles which may dictate changes to the race course.

SCORING: The Low Point Scoring System will apply. .

PENALTIES: Protests are NOT considered.

PRIZES: Trophies will be awarded for first, second and third place in each class. All entrants will receive regatta Tee shirts.

LODGING: Semi-primitive camping is available at Ocean Springs Yacht Club.

For regatta information contact:
Dennis Furey:, 228.872.9323
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Re: Wow... an NOR... ain't THIS fancy! - 05/14/07 04:16 PM

Commodore_CCC well said. The race is a lot of fun. For those of you not familiar with OS, we are right next to Biloxi (the vegas of the south) or some similar monniker. You can sail, drink and lose money all in the same weekend! You are guaranteed to make friends and have a blast whatever your sailing level.

Hope to see you there

Ken Altman
OSYC (current member <img src="" alt="" /> )
Nacra 20
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Fun on Friday night - 05/23/07 01:03 PM

On Friday night within walking distance or a short ride into downtown Ocean Springs... MOSAIC Tapas Bar, where they make the AWESOMEST handmade Mojitos on Earth...the food is good... it's a Hookah bar... and all of that is reasonably priced... 8pm, Amae of the Sisters of Salome will be bellydancing and it's a good show!

Imagine that - to get prepared for the race on Sat you can spend Friday night drinking Mojitos and watching a bellydancer whilst puffing a hookah!

Namaste, y'all!
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