Towing with a Honda CRV

Posted By: Scubajeep

Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/14/07 09:24 PM

Does anyone tow their cat (Hobie 18) with their Honda CRV?

How does it handle on long trips... about 6 hours??

Todd Hubbell
Posted By: hobienick

Re: Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/15/07 04:41 PM

I tow my TheMightyHobie18 with a 1.8T VW Passat. I take a yearly trip from Annapolis, MD to Burlington , VT. It does fine. Since the CRV is an automatic I would strongly suggest getting a tranny cooler. The only difficult thing to get used to is your trailer is larger than your car. I have also seen CRV's tow heavier boats than the TheMightyHobie18.
Posted By: Tornado

Re: Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/15/07 04:43 PM

I tow a tilted tornado with a mini cooper (5 speed manual).
No problem.
Posted By: Krisu13

Re: Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/15/07 04:48 PM

I towed N6.0 with CRV 4 cyl. stick no sweat
Posted By: carlbohannon

Re: Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/15/07 04:48 PM

This is a general comment about Honda's and towing. Honda is very very concerned about the fluid temperatures during towing. Much more so than other companies. Look at your owners manual and if they say you need a transmission fluid cooler or oil cooler, Honda really thinks you need one. This is not a CYA. There have apparently been some expensive failures when you don't take their advice.

I found out about some of this when Honda technical called to find out how I used up the differential and transmission fluid life so quickly on my new Ridgeline.
Posted By: gree2056

Re: Towing with a Honda CRV - 05/15/07 10:32 PM

I tow with a V8 Ford Explorer....oh wait that doesn't really fit with the other tow vehicles.
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