what boat for new guy

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what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 01:19 AM

got lost over on the thread about rating and handicaps what is a good boat for new catamaran sailor?
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 01:31 AM

Can you give us a few more details?

How much sailing experience do your have?
Are you going to sail solo or with a crew?
How much are you planning on spending?
Are you physically fit?
Will you be racing at a yacht club or going out alone?

there are probably more question that need to be asked but I cant think of them right now smile
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 02:52 AM

sailed mostly monuhulls, sunfish and laser, do i have to have crew? what is a good boat cost ? physical fitness level is good work out 3 times a week. would want to race once i get used to sailing a cat.
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 03:34 AM

Where are you?

Ok sailing in a handicap fleet or do you prefer One Design?
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 08:22 AM

New Guy, you may not want op jump the gun as it were. Have you tried renting a cat for a season, or crewing on one at a club? I'd definitely recommend it! That way you can at least filter the advice you get here through your own first hand experience. None of us know you as well as you (should)!
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/03/08 05:26 PM

Originally Posted by new guy
sailed mostly monuhulls, sunfish and laser, do i have to have crew? what is a good boat cost ? physical fitness level is good work out 3 times a week. would want to race once i get used to sailing a cat.

1. Crew for someone else first to see how you like cats and racing cats compared to half-cats.
2. Decide on if your sailing will be mostly solo or with crew. It makes a BIG difference. You'll need to find someone who is as dedicated and available to the sport as you if you go that route. Sometimes a smaller single-hand boat can be easier because you don't have to rely on anyone else but yourself. <16' is typically solo, >18' is almost always with crew.
3. If you want to race, research local fleets. You'll want a type of boat so that you can do mostly one-design racing and not open class. It's so much nicer with "he/she across the line first wins" as compared to tracking time and adjusting based on ratings and what is the handicap, etc.
4. Based on #2, if you want to go the solo route - used or new Hobie Wave.
5. Based on #3, the lowest-cost route is a used Hobie-16 (2-person). If you're willing to spend more, than seriously consider the nearby fleets and what they race with.
6. If you're concerned about a strong boat that will last and can handle beaching, grounding and getting hit by other boats, dock, etc. - Hobie Wave or other rotomolded-hull boat. Nowhere near as fast as a Formula, Nacra, Inter, Hobie Tiger/Fox, etc. But those lightweight fiberglass boats can't be dragged over rocky beaches like a rotomolded plastic boat (same durable stuff as Little Tykes kiddie swingsets).
7. Remember that your first choice doesn't have to be your final choice. Many of us... most of us... all started out with cheap, used, Hobie 16's in the beginning. You can recover half or more of your $1,000 investment a few years later when you sell it and buy something else.

Yeah, for someone who doesn't sail one, I do sound partial to the Wave. For me, the appeal of solo, one-design racing with lots of competition in big fleets with a simple, easy to rig/haul/sail boat would be attractive. They may not go as fast, but when the fleet is all equal in equipment - it's all relative.
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/04/08 12:17 AM


The question nobody has asked you is; How much do you wiegh???

"Beach Cats' can be very wieght sensitive .... While the H16 is an excellent first boat (and was my first beach cat), if you wiegh much over 200lbs you are too heavy for the boat and will be under-powered in light air ... The minimum crew wieght for a H16 is 285lbs total. I would suggest a TheMightyHobie18 ....

So, there is alot to learn and all the advise before is excellent ... try crewing for someone ... investigate the "local" sailing/racing scene for boat types, locations and conditions ... but most importantly .... HAVE FUN

Sail Flat, Sail Fast, Sail SAFE
Harry Murphey
H18Mag/#9458, Fleet 54/Div11
P19MX/#86, CRAC- Open Class
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/04/08 03:23 AM

Bahhhhh humbug... go get a hobie 16 or similar (prindle 16) and sail the heck out of it... you will probably love it.. you can get a decent one for around a grand... anytime in the next few years you can sell it for almost the same amount you bought it for (as long as it doesn't get broke in 1/2).

If you want to be real proactive... go to the local beach and talk with a bunch of owners and ask them about their boats.. ask for rides... ask what to look for in buying a catamaran.
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/04/08 02:27 PM

I agree with Andrew. Older beach cats don't depreciate much; you can sail the heck out of 'em and then basically sell them in a year or two for the same price, or nearly so (assuming you didn't overpay). And there's no better way to learn what you'd ultimately like to have than to get on the water. The older, major production boats in the 16' realm are typically solid and versatile, and after sailing one for a season, you'll have a good idea what will fit your needs better. Just take someone more experienced with you when shopping, or read the advice you can find on this site re: how to find a good boat (avoiding delamination, etc.)
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/04/08 04:05 PM

Low cost 1: used Hobie 16
Low cost 2: used Supercat 17
single handed 1 - A Class
single handed 2 - F16 or ARC17
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Re: what boat for new guy - 11/05/08 02:20 AM

My first cat was an H16 too, easy to rig and sail.
Now sailing the A I kinda miss the hobies easy rudder up system and no dagger boards to deal with on launch and landing. You can drive a Hobie up onto the beach and step off on dry land. With most others you have to do a soft landing walking the boat out of the water with hydrolic assist from the shore break until shes back on solid ground.
Most bang for the buck is a used race boat, Nacra, Prindle etc. Enjoy what ever you get thats why I do it.
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