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Key hole buckle - 11/26/08 05:55 PM

Hi all,

After making scratches in my boat with the harness and reading some posts here about trapeze harnesses, I got my eyes to the carbon key hole buckle. Rick sells it here on the online shop. Has any one tested them for a couple of years? Any wear or failure? How reliable is it? Is there any non-carbon alternative available? Is there any Eurpean dealer?
Thanks for answering.


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Re: Key hole buckle - 11/26/08 07:27 PM

Been using the carbon/kevlar one for almost 3 years. Been through many week-long regattas, some with big crew. Never had a failure.

I switched over for this reason as well...was getting holes through the deck & hull when a new crew jumped aboard during beach launches. Got tired of filling holes!

But, these are also significantly lighter than the stainless hook & ring systems. Plus they are safer to use (see the recent Trap Harness Death thread in this forum).

There is a plastic version..but those have a high failure rate. There is also an aluminum version which should be fine (but heavier).

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Re: Key hole buckle - 11/26/08 09:27 PM

Klaus, If you find a place to buy those in the EU at a reasonable price let me know. I didn't find anyone with the aluminum version and the rare sellers with some carbon version in stock are selling them for extortionate prices.

I'm surprised nobody makes a conversion kit, 4 balls and two spreaders, for a discount.

And be careful, some sellers only have the plastic version (apparently it is distributed by Hobie Cat?) and those are known to fail.

There is a commercial Murrays distributor in France (Select what you want in the catalog, drop an email to and he will quote you a euro price), I've never used him, but as murrays seem to have those parts in stock it may be the cheapest way to get it here. Ordering direct from Murray or catsailor unfortunately cost too much in shipping.
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Re: Key hole buckle - 11/27/08 06:33 AM

one of the guys in my area uses that he was also having scratch issues.
after being bonked on the head a few times by my dogbones I am considering the option.
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Re: Key hole buckle - 11/28/08 01:58 PM

The best quotation I was able to find in Europe is CHF 129 from the Swiss H2O Sensations shop. See:
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Re: Key hole buckle - 11/28/08 04:02 PM

Thanks guys for these tips. Much appreciated.


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