Horn Island Hop was Hip!

Posted By: JMAC

Horn Island Hop was Hip! - 07/06/09 01:47 AM

Good wind both days, though westerly breeze limited the spin opportunity for most Saturday. David Beal had that 6-Oh jib a crankin! Great run around Deer Island today had Mark Ederer show how to slip through the east tip and jetty leading to line honors. Another great showing for the F-16's from the Memphis crowd - Andy/Austin took home first in the spin fleet.

Below is a link to pics, results should be up soon -
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Re: Horn Island Hop was Hip! - 07/06/09 11:50 AM

Results should be up today or tommorow. I have posted two photos albums at (day 1 and day 2) and am waiting on additional photos from our chase boats and volunteers.

We had 42 registered boats that sailed on Saturday. I am happy with that turnout but aim to get us back to full steam in the upcoming years.

Thank you to everyone who made it and please tell your friends about our new club.

In sailing,

Ken Altman
Fleet Captain, OSYC
"Kani Basami" N20
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Re: Horn Island Hop was Hip! - 07/06/09 11:47 PM

Ken: Horn Island Hop was a blast, as always. You guys are doing a great job! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work!
Posted By: Andy Humphries

Re: Horn Island Hop was Hip! - 07/07/09 02:36 PM

Kudos to Ken Altman, Kevin Rejda and the other volunteers for putting on another great regatta. OSYC regattas are fun for everyone from the low key family sailors to the hard core racers. It reminded me of the time when cat sailing had bigger numbers. We had 42 boats and I predict they will have 50+ next time.
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Re: Horn Island Hop was Hip! - 07/07/09 02:49 PM

Thanks for the kudos. We are really working hard to build up catamaran sailing and racing on the Gulf Coast. I appreciate all of you who took the time to enjoy our races and new club.

Horn Island Hop results and photographs are up and posted on the web site. Go to for all of the information. Look at the sailboat racing and photos sections. Check out how close the overalls and the fleets were. In particular, how about this, based on tie breakers the sailor who was #2 in his class was #1 overall!!!

Great racing everyone.

In sailing,

Ken Altman
Fleet Captain OSYC
Direct link to results page:
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