Sakonnett Challenge Regatta

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Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/12/10 01:21 PM

Event two of the Narragansett Summer Series starts this morning. 17 F18s on the beach with six different designs represented...should be pretty awesome.

Daily results coming later, stay tuned.
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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/12/10 11:38 PM

OK, Sounds awesome, how 'bout a link?
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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/13/10 01:11 AM

A great day of racing on the Sakonnet River today with 17 boats. Winds were shifty SW-S between 5 and 10kts with some gusts higher. The current was ripping which made for some interesting starts.

A special thanks to Katie, Lindsay, Lisa, and Tripp for doing a great job on the race committee boat.

No Protests.
Todd was hungover and puked all over my boat. No pictures due to graphic content.


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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/13/10 11:35 PM

I'm sure results will be posted later but for anyone interested here is a quick summary of today:
After about 30 minutes of drifting and being pulled down the river by the current the wind filled to allow for 3 more excellent races in 8 to 12 knots. Amazing double trap conditions all weekend allowed for 8 very tight races.
Top 5 were as follows, with the top 3 were separated by 4 points and the entire fleet was very close.
Garth Fasano/ Tyler Burd
John & Pete Guliano (2nd regatta on an F18, these guys are both in college!)
Bob Merrick / Chad Atkins
Todd Riccardi / Brendon Scanlon
Sandra Tartaligno / ???

And for the record, I was borrowing Easton/Burd's boat and did puke off the back of the boat after the 3rd race on Saturday but didn't get ANY on their boat.
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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/14/10 12:30 AM

sounds awesome. its great you were feeding the fish too!
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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/14/10 01:32 PM

Wow, flying hulls! I surely missed that! I was on the other side of the island this weekend, here's a link to that side of the story...

When these guys say the current was ripping, they're not kidding. There was a New Moon, and max ebb flow both days was perfectly timed to coincide with the first 2-3 races. Not a lot of fun for cats, much less so for 50 Optis!

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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/14/10 08:20 PM

What a great weekend! Fantastic racing conditions and ‘Gansett were enjoyed by all this weekend at the 2010 Sakonnet Regatta. 8 races were completed in a 8-12 kts southerly (Sat.) and a 5-10 kts northerly (Sun.). No protests.

Congrats to:

Garth and Tyler on the Win.
Cosimo and Andrea for the most improved team.
Dan and Danny for being the furthest traveled team (Toronto).

A special thanks to….

Narragansett Beer

Tripp Burd
Mike Easton
Katie Burns
Lindsay Shanholt

Boat Providers:
Mike Fararra
Chris Easton

See you all next weekend at the Hampton Beach Regatta!

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Re: Sakonnett Challenge Regatta - 06/15/10 11:44 AM

Mike Easton and Tripp Burd ran a fantastic regatta this weekend and clinic on Friday. Their openness for sharing racing and speed tips for boat settings and crew/ skipper rolls and technique at transitions were phenominal. Their dedication to growing the sport locally is appreciated and recognized in the number of boats in attendance and speed improvements for everyone on the water. Looks to be a great summer racing series here in the Northeast!
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