Flexible Carbon/Kevlar

Posted By: Nacra5.8NA1386

Flexible Carbon/Kevlar - 08/28/11 02:26 AM

Is there an epoxy resin, or other adhesive, that will adhere strips of uni carbon and kevlar to a sheet of mylar, while letting both remain pretty darn flexible? I'm thinking of some weird sailmaking ideas here, sort of similar to North's 3dl, but with a homebuild spin on it.
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: Flexible Carbon/Kevlar - 08/28/11 09:56 AM

clear bathroom silicone sealant
clean any grease etc off of the mylar first
Posted By: mikekrantz

Re: Flexible Carbon/Kevlar - 08/28/11 11:31 AM

Nuclear Sails - mylar backing and fiber reinforced packing tape. Light fast, but not the most durable product on the market.
Posted By: Nacra5.8NA1386

Re: Flexible Carbon/Kevlar - 08/28/11 11:45 PM

Are nuclear sails actually just Mylar + packing tape reinforced with fiber? It looks like maybe they're more advanced than that, but I can't tell. Also, would the bathroom sealant be strong enough to hold together a sail? If so, it looks like the way to go.
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