Texel 2011 Video

Posted By: Tony_F18

Texel 2011 Video - 05/12/12 09:42 PM

Video shot by one of the Dutch F18 sailors:
Posted By: Baltic

Re: Texel 2011 Video - 05/13/12 08:01 PM

... a dream since years - one day I'll do Texel!

Posted By: Tony_F18

Re: Texel 2011 Video - 05/14/12 05:32 AM

Entry is still open so what is stopping you? smile
Its only a short drive from Kiel really.
Posted By: JJ_

Re: Texel 2011 Video - 05/15/12 03:43 PM

Fun. These guys look like they got the rigging down, especially spin rig. That Capricorn standard? What's water temp in June?
Posted By: brucat

Re: Texel 2011 Video - 05/15/12 04:45 PM

As if posting a video of youself hitting a sandbar and capsizing (to weather) while double trapped isn't embarrasing enough, finishing behind 32 Hobie 16s and Dart 18s??? Priceless...

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