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Posted By: 3canadians

Trac 16 information - 09/05/12 11:43 PM

I've recently acquired an AMF Trac 16. It's in pretty good shape but I have a few questions about rigging/setup. Is there anyone out there with one of these boats who would be willing to connect with me? I'd be grateful for any help
Posted By: brownjt

Re: Trac 16 information - 09/17/17 04:28 PM

My Jr Sailing program is a 501c3 and offers tax deductions for contributions. I have received a Trac 16 but it is missing some parts. The twin hulls are in good shape and we cleaned thm up till they shine. The two transverse arms that tie the two huss together and hold the mast seem fine as well as the mast and tension supports. One shourd and the forestay are damabed, it appears by a rotary lawn mower. I can not find a forestay, but maybe found a sourse of the missting shroud. It has a main sail but is missing the jib. The trampoline needs some reparis for holes that I don' t know the reason for the holes. Of course the main sheet needs replacement but all the harkin hardware looks in great shape.
I'm at a pont of deciding to repair and get it into sailing condition or selling parts to those that need parts.
All contributions for parts would be accounted as contributions to our 501c3 for tax purposes.
Let me know if there is interest in the world of Catamaran's.
The previous owner sailed it an dsaid it out raced similar sized Hobie's.
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