Adventure Sailing with Nevin Sayre

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Adventure Sailing with Nevin Sayre - 04/25/14 07:26 PM

Excellent video by Nevin Sayre on Sailing Programs:

While it does not include Multihulls, it does address sailing programs and the need to make changes. We are attempting to do similar things at Sail Sand Point in Seattle with our Waves, H-16's, Stand Up Boards, Kayaks, Keel Boats, in addition to the Opti's, Lasers, and FJ's.

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Re: Adventure Sailing with Nevin Sayre - 05/01/14 03:34 AM

This guy absolutely hit the nail on the head. I hadn't been exposed to sailing much my entire life. I had buddies who grew up through our local sailing center but never got involved myself. I have grown up surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding my whole life and at the age of 27 finally got a crazy itch to learn how to sail and purchased a Hobie 17. I have solely fell in love with it for no other reason than adventure sailing. I don't know anything about racing, and actually I can't put my H17 in the water without everyone stopping me to ask questions just because it's so abnormal here. The love for me is doing something different and unique. I absolutely love cruising out to our local sandbar and being the only boat without a motor to wedge into the masses of center-consoles. People look at me like I'm an alien and I think its hilarious. I also enjoy SUPs and would love to learn Kiting.

Beyond that, I have the pleasure of taken children who have lost their fathers through military service to our local US Sailing Center where we take them out on Hobie Waves. This further proves the narrators point as what we are just lazy cruising around playing glorified pirate games and generally being silly. There is no racing involved. Almost every time, the kids think the sailing portion of the weekend will be the lame event before attending and walk away thinking sailing is awesome. And I think it's exactly for the reasons discussed in the video.

Nice link. He's on to something.
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