Making racks / wings

Posted By: Mike Fahle

Making racks / wings - 07/26/14 08:50 PM

I know this has been discussed before but I cannot find any useful info using the search function so I need a little assistance. I am happy to do my own design work, I'm just looking for these things: Specifically I would like to know the measurements that a Hobie 18 magnum wing/rack extends from the side of the boat AND above the deck (I had one for many years so I am familiar with how it sails), how wide the actual sitting portion is, and also how much one weighs for reference. Last, does anyone know a good website to determine deflection for aluminum tubing of various dimensions? Thanks!
Posted By: Karl_Brogger

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/27/14 02:23 AM

Lee Wicklund, paging Lee Wicklund.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/27/14 02:46 AM

This might help a little, although it doesn't address the Magnum wings specifically....
Posted By: catman

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/28/14 02:57 PM

I know someone who has Magnum wings. I'll talk to him today and see if he can measure for you.

I had magnums on my 18 and I believe both wings with the mounting hardware and vinyl covers installed were 36-38 lbs.
Posted By: orphan

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/28/14 07:28 PM

What boat are they for?
Posted By: TeamChums

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/29/14 02:29 AM

I went with 16" higher than the deck, (inner bar location), 12" out from the side. the outer bar is 16" apart from the inner bar and extends about 8" past the sterns.
Posted By: catman

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/29/14 04:17 PM

He called me back today, Should know later this afternoon.
Posted By: catman

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/29/14 04:31 PM

He sent me pic's with a tape measure showing the dimensions. Should be enough to get the info. Check PM.
Posted By: Mike Fahle

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/31/14 03:24 PM

Thanks, Catman, I sent my e-mail address. I have a pretty good library of wings/racks of all shapes and sizes but getting the tube dimensions is not easy. I have a good local source for tubing once I know what to order. I also found a good source of prebent tube sections with the intention of putting together wings without welding. That dictates the tube sizes so it will not be ideal but should be close. I should be able to report on the results of that experiment in a week or two.
Posted By: catman

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/31/14 03:33 PM

Sent to your email.

I have a friend who used to work at JSI building spars and he built a custom pair for his M6.0. I can ask him what wall thickness he used or for that matter the exact tube he used if you like.
Posted By: Mike Fahle

Re: Making racks / wings - 07/31/14 06:43 PM

That would be great - just the kind of info I am looking for. I think that Hobie used 1 7/8" OD with .83 thickness tubing for the original magnum wings but it is hard to find that documented anywhere.
Posted By: orphan

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/04/14 07:42 PM

I took a set of H18SX wings and fit them to my M6.0. Dilled out the rivets for the rear crossbar support and reriveted correct distance between front and rear cross bar. Bent and cut the rear support leg and cutoff and rewelded the front support leg. Much easier than building an entire set from scratch. [img][/img]
Posted By: TeamChums

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/05/14 03:38 AM

Posted By: Jake

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/05/14 12:09 PM

Very cool...I guess with the Nacra 20 class not really being a class anymore, that kind of mod really makes sense. Did you do the GT300 with the wings?

From a design standpoint, having the wings be self-supporting does make things simpler to operate but it changes the rigging loads (the shroud now supports the extra leverage instead of the trapeze wires) and adds slightly more weight (very slight). I'm sure that there is plenty of extra load carrying ability in the shrouds for that - but using the trap wires to support the wing instead of bracing it back to the beam will stay closer to the original loading configuration. On the other hand, you would have to rig up some other trapeze configuration in order to trap off the wing...and a wing that doesn't have the bracing to keep it in place, might fold up on you...

huh. So, yeah, nevermind. Looks great.
Posted By: TeamChums

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/06/14 02:49 AM

There are braces that go from the end caps to under the inner most tubes. I'll post pics of them when I get it rigged up this weekend. We will be trapping off of them and rigging up a chicken line system for an open ocean race in Ventura on the 16th. We'll run them next year in the GT. I'll be making an adjustable tension shroud/back stay from Vectran/Amsteel on each side that goes to each wing. You can see the overbuilt tab on the cross beam cap (little triangle) for the under support (not shown) which is made out of 1" tubing (later to be replaced with Carbon tubes as well).

Thanks Jake. It's been fun designing them and finally making them. Complicated to explain how the outer bar will be replaced with Carbon but I'll take lots of pictures.
Posted By: Jake

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/06/14 02:40 PM

I see you didn't forget the cup holders! grin

Did you beef up those rear beam bolts from inside the hull? You're asking a little more out of them with the extra righting leverage and they have proven to not quite be up to the task in the original configuration.

How much weight do you think you will save with the carbon vs. aluminum?
Posted By: TeamChums

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/07/14 12:17 AM

2 years ago I had the boat completely sanded down and painted instead of gelcoat. At that time I had the place lay up the beam sockets with carbon to beef them up. Not sure what weight savings yet but I will when they're done. I guess I'll find out more from whoever I order it from.
Those aren't cup holders. They're to reduce windage.... wink
Posted By: Jake

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/07/14 01:57 AM

If you've got any pictures showing the detail of the bracket that attaches to the beam, I would really like to see it. I've been thinking about doing something like this to the F18.
Posted By: waterbug_wpb

Re: Making racks / wings - 08/07/14 02:25 PM

so what's the max beam with the wings?
Posted By: oldgeezer

Re: Making racks / wings - 02/03/16 06:57 PM

Any suggestions for wings on an FX one? I desperately need wings so I can stay out sailing for more than hour. It has suggested that I give sailing but it is one of the few things I can still manage to do (old age has caught up to me - 85 next month) Thanks from an oldgeezer
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