SanFran Bay Area cat scene

Posted By: mayhem

SanFran Bay Area cat scene - 01/07/15 01:43 AM

i am a former Nacra6.0 long distance and A-cat racer. I will be spending much of the next year on a work assignment near San Francisco airport and should have some weekends free. What is the cat sailing scene like here? Where are the fleets located?

Matt Mayfield
Posted By: F-18 5150

Re: SanFran Bay Area cat scene - 01/07/15 02:06 AM

F-18 about 10 boats in Redwood City. Wednesday night racing and most weekends racing. Same Acats at the Artemis basin. Hobie racing in Division 3 all around. MHRA also runs mixed fleet racing in the area. Feel free to PM me for contact info.
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