2015 F18 Worlds Germany

Posted By: wildtsail7

2015 F18 Worlds Germany - 02/26/15 04:40 PM

Planning on attending the 2015 F18 Worlds in Kiel?

By March 13th Please let one of your class officers aware to be positive you get a spot.
Entry alone does not guarantee a spot.
193 Entries already!

After March 13th our U.S. allocations go back to the organizer.

-Todd Riccardi
Posted By: Tony_F18

Re: 2015 F18 Worlds Germany - 03/15/15 10:54 AM

Already 200 entries so far, that has to be some kind of record.
Posted By: wildtsail7

Re: 2015 F18 Worlds Germany - 03/15/15 07:36 PM

8 US teams have signed up! I think the previous best for US teams was only 3, maybe even 2.
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