Columbus Day Regatta, letter from John McKnight

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Columbus Day Regatta, letter from John McKnight - 07/27/16 02:31 PM


This is a reminder that the early registration for the Columbus Day Regatta ends July 30. It is only $80 up until this coming Saturday, then the regular registration starts and the entry fee will be $100. Mandi Prats (P-16) and myself (H-20) are registered. This is going to be a great regatta this year because of the revised start and finish areas. Below you can see the previous email I sent out about the regatta with all the details. You can check to see if you qualify for the other discounts offered.

I wanted to let everyone know that the Columbus Day Regatta is coming up October 8 and 9th. This year the CDR committee is most eager to have a large turnout of beach cats. They have made changes to the start and finish area which will greatly improve the practicality of us doing the race this year. The start and finish, both Saturday and Sunday, will be in the vicinity of the Dinner Key Channel. This is great news. This will be very convenient for us. Also the committee has arranged for us to stage and store our boats and trailers overnight at the Shake-a-Leg facility in Coconut Grove. We have used this arrangement in previous CD Regattas and it works well. Those sailing out of the Miami Yacht Club and the US Sailing Center may not need the facilities at Shake-a-Leg. The racing will be mid distance races in the bay.

The CDR website is here:
Everything you need to know about the regatta can be found here. You can register and pay online. I have registered. It was easy and convenient. If you early register before August 1, the fee is only $80. The regular registration fee is $100 if you register by September 15. If you wait for late registration, the fee goes up to $125 until October 3. October 3 is the deadline. If you are a first time skipper in this regatta they give you a $10 discount. If you are a US Sailing member you get a $5 discount. You entry fee covers two fabulous days of racing on Biscayne Bay, one T-shirt, and a trophy if you finish in the top three in your class. At the Trophy Presentation Party, you also get music, appetizers, and rum punch the following Saturday, October 15. There will be a regatta party Saturday night October 8 for 20 bucks a head. All proceeds from that party go to Shake-a-Leg. That party includes a buffet, open bar, live music, and a raffle.

I think this is going to be a great regatta for beach cats this year and for years to come. This regatta is well organized and managed. I would like to see everyone come out and support the race this year. If you register early, before August 1, the fee is only $80. Each cat sailor who registers will encourage others to register, and we will have a good showing from the beach cat community. Right now they show three class, Beach Cats, Fast Cats, and Spinnaker Cats. I have been told this can be adjusted based on how many different types of beach cats show up. For now, you will register under the beach cat class heading, and they will break us out later when they see who all is coming.

Come out and join the fun.

John McKnight
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Re: Columbus Day Regatta, letter from John McKnight - 08/04/16 03:59 AM

Additional Info from John:
The area for the starts and finishes are just offshore of Coconut Grove. The starts and finishes, both Saturday and Sunday, are about half a mile from the launch facility we will be using at Shake-A-Leg in Coconut Grove. The Columbus Day Regatta no longer goes to Elliot Key. That got to be such a huge mess down there that the National Park Service wanted to start charging the Columbus Day Regatta folks something like $50 for extra security, so several years ago The CDR committee changed the race to not go to Elliot Key which in in Biscayne National Park.

There are several hotels near the regatta location. Courtyard Miami, Sonesta Coconut Grove, and Hampton Inn by Hilton. The Courtyard is very close to Shake-A-Leg where we will be staging. You can Google for hotel information. I talked to the organizers and asked about a regatta rate, but they have not gotten back to me yet.
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