Wave Nationals Canceled

Posted By: RickWhite

Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/05/16 02:41 PM

Due to health reason,I am going to have to cancel the event. I will be going into treatment for cancer which will probably be quite time consuming.
Hopefully, I will be able to go on with the Tradewinds in January.
Posted By: waterbug_wpb

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/05/16 10:12 PM

so sorry to hear that Rick. We'll be pulling for you
Posted By: Timbo

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/07/16 03:20 AM

Good luck Rick! I hope it goes well.

I'm just now recovering from 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments in May and June, on a tumor in my neck. I lost 30 lbs, couldn't swallow anything for about 2 months, but I'm slowly getting back in shape.

I can finally eat and drink beer again!

Clear your desk, get some sleep, you will be very tired all the time and feel like crap all the time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If there's anything we can do for you don't hesitate to ask.
Posted By: JeffS

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/07/16 10:22 AM

Best wishes Rick
Posted By: Hullflyer1

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/07/16 11:21 AM

Today is one year from my last radiation treatment of which there were 40
Tested every 3 months so far all is good and I'm feeling fine
Stay positive
I will pray for your speedy recovery
Posted By: RickWhite

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/07/16 02:47 PM

Thanks, guys. Sort of bewildering right now on which way to go.
Posted By: Mike Fahle

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/08/16 12:54 AM

Sorry to learn about this, Rick, but I know that you have the smarts and the perseverance to handle this successfully, the same as you have done with your long sailing career, loaded with success. So, go after it and get better. You have a big advantage due to your nature and your history of accomplishment!
Posted By: calcheck

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/09/16 02:08 PM

Best wishes from here too, we're all better sailors and safer because of your long work and enthusiasm.
Posted By: Kaos

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/16/16 07:01 PM

Sorry to hear about this. Best wishes and prayers for your successful battle and full recovery.
Posted By: Todd_Sails

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/23/16 07:14 PM

Hello Rick,
Hopefully, just a small little wave in the vast ocean of your illustrious life Rick.

We're all wishing you well and a speedy recovery,

Todd Bouton
Posted By: dave mosley

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/23/16 08:22 PM

Thinking about you Rick, Speedy recovery!
Posted By: RickWhite

Re: Wave Nationals Canceled - 11/28/16 02:53 PM

thanks all,am working on it. ten days of radiation at the moment. rather be sailing.
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