Nacra F18 tramp

Posted By: Hullflyer1

Nacra F18 tramp - 12/15/16 12:19 PM

Does anyone know if a 2004 Nacra F18 with the tramp that slides into the slot in the inboard side of the hulls can be converted to the newer method with the lacing line and series of screws on each side.
Even a new tramp keeps pulling out of one of the slots
Thank you for any advice
Posted By: Ventucky Red

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/15/16 06:27 PM

Send the new tramp back to who ever made it and have them sew an extra layer of material on the bolt rope.

As for making a go of it, it can be done, but you may be better off just getting another new tramp

Posted By: Hullflyer1

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/16/16 02:50 PM

Will take your advice
Posted By: samc99us

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/16/16 06:51 PM

Its kind of funny, AHPC/Goodall still builds their boats with slots in each side and it is faster to lace when assembling a boat from bare hulls or re-installing a tramp etc. I don't think the switch is worth it, but has been done before by filling the slot with epoxy+filler (read: heavy) and drilling and tapping the screws. Another way is to get a backing plate in the slot somehow. All a bit too much work for what others still build as the "correct" solution.
Posted By: bacho

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/18/16 02:54 AM

The slot may be cracked on his boat.

A friend of mine is working on some lacing strps for an A cat. The bolt rope turned about to be tiny compared to the slot opening. A system like that can be very unforgiving in the event that the structure has been compromised.
Posted By: Hullflyer1

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/18/16 01:54 PM

It only pulls out on the aft end of the Port hull about 8-10 inches
Posted By: Jake

Re: Nacra F18 tramp - 12/20/16 02:58 PM

The bolt rope thing is a bit of an's worked for a very long time in a lot of different manufacturers but Nacra started struggling with new trampolines staying put right before they went to their side lacing system at around that time your boat was manufactured. I bought a replacement trampoline for one of my I20s then and it immediately started coming out of the track.

The diameter and type of bolt rope used in the trampoline is very important to work with the slot and not damage the slot. There is a chance that the slot in the hull will be cracked once the trampoline starts pulling out (even if it's because the bolt rope was of the wrong size/type).

I think Bach was talking about me - I'm working on making a couple of new side lacing strips for a couple XJ A-cats and the bolt rope was very difficult to find and it was tiny! It's a 3/16" bolt rope that is VERY tightly wound and stiff. After a lot of effort (and help from Bach) I was able to source that bolt rope. Given the trouble I've seen when the wrong stuff is used, I'm not deviating from what has worked on this boat for 8 years already!

If you feel like the bolt rope should be correct, here are some ideas for a fix:

1) like someone suggested previously, sewing another layer or two of fabric around the problem area will make it thicker.

2) (I recommend) Have the trampoline modified by cutting a rectangular section off the corner, removing a 6 - 8" section of that bolt rope, of the trampoline where it pulls out and installing a grommet or webbing loop on the trampoline inset from the hull by a few inches. Install a plastic sail slug in the trampoline slot on that corner, feeding the rest of the trampoline into the slot normally, and lace that one problem area (using the bolt rope for the rest of the slot). The sail slug has no flex and might even survive long term if the slot is cracked. Do this on both sides while you have it removed.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that the more the bolt rope slips out of the track, the more chance you have to either crack it or extend a crack that may already exist. I would go straight to number two if it were me.
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