SSS Labor day Regatta

Posted By: waterbug_wpb

SSS Labor day Regatta - 08/02/17 03:07 PM

Just saw the NOR on there:

SSS Labor Day Regatta Sept. 2 / 3

Beachcat fleet, larger multihull fleet, PHRF, 420s,.... the works.

Want to check out boats? swing on down!

Hope to catch up with some of you twerps there..


*** This is the one Ryan T-boned an Opti at full speed with his N6.0... good times
Posted By: waterbug_wpb

Re: SSS Labor day Regatta - 08/14/17 01:37 PM

If anyone is free to crew on my boat that weekend, let me know. Out for a fun day on the water... Not looking for pickle dish, so if you want to work on your "Mad trimaran Skilz" send me a PM

Got room for 2 or 3 depending
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