Help with Boat delivery

Posted By: PTP

Help with Boat delivery - 09/13/17 04:13 PM

I am getting a new boat, but unfortunately it is in Florida (Falcon Marine) and I am in Detroit. Anyone have any plans to come my direction and could double stack or pull the boat on a trailer from there to here (or at least closer) sometime this winter?
I realize it is a longshot... but thought I would try!!!
Please PM me if it is a possibility.
Posted By: tback

Re: Help with Boat delivery - 09/13/17 06:26 PM


Come to F16 Nationals In Clearwater Nov 2-6. Then leave it down here thru the winter and rockstar in like your native Kid Rock for the winter series.

EDIT: I suppose I was making an assumption that you got an F16 and not F18
Posted By: Mn3Again

Re: Help with Boat delivery - 09/13/17 06:40 PM

you can leave it at my house in clearwater if i can use it every weekend smile

and unlike tback - i don't care if it's a 16 or 18 smile
Posted By: PTP

Re: Help with Boat delivery - 09/13/17 08:42 PM

yes, Falcon F16 of course... ain't nobody got the time (and strength) to deal with an F18 smile

I thought of doing nationals but can't take the time off unfortunately frown . 2 days driving down and back (I am not interested in an 18+hour drive nonstop!) then add length of regatta - that is too long. I think I might have a chance at the singlehanded trophy though smile
Posted By: waterbug_wpb

Re: Help with Boat delivery - 09/14/17 04:14 PM

have Matt deliver it to Nationals for you. Then just hop on a quick 2 hour plane ride to Clearwater airport and someone will pick you up....

Then you may have some folks there who could pull it/stack it further north for an intercept with you?
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