Hobie 21se (non-conducting) comp tip

Posted By: Bille

Hobie 21se (non-conducting) comp tip - 09/26/17 06:09 PM

The comp-tip on my Hobie-21se is getting over aged from the Las Vegas
sun , and i need to do something about it now.

I can make a accurate mold of it , and build a fiberglass or Kevlar one
using epoxy ; but will the fiberglass conduct electricity, or should i stick
to using just the Kevlar and paint it white ,( kevlar does Not like sun-shine) ?

I wouldn't know how to make another plastic one ; and can't afford a
new one.

Posted By: Jake

Re: Hobie 21se (non-conducting) comp tip - 09/26/17 11:12 PM

Fiberglass / epoxy or Fiberglass / any-ester resin will not conduct electricity. It's really only carbon filaments that you need to worry about conductivity with in composites (unless you are using some aluminum coated glass fibers...but I digress).

Fiberglass would be a lot easier to work with than kevlar (not to mention cheaper). If you want to get the good structural / stronger fiberglass, go with s-type.
Posted By: mbounds

Re: Hobie 21se (non-conducting) comp tip - 09/27/17 12:38 AM

The original is fiberglass. Only the track is plastic. Getting the tolerances right where the track attaches will be really, really hard. It's probably better to just refinish the existing one and replace the track.
Posted By: Bille

Re: Hobie 21se (non-conducting) comp tip - 09/27/17 04:00 PM

Thanks you guys !

I already have the fiberglass , Kevlar, and epoxy to do this job ; but refinishing
the original , and getting a new track, is definitely the way to go !!

After Ya told me the original was fiberglass --- i went in and dug through
the cracked and dried-out surface layer ; low & behold , it Was made
of fiberglass .

I'll check around for a new track now, (fingers X'd) ; meanwhile i can start sanding
down the fiberglass part and put some non metallic paint on it .

Thanks again : Bille
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