Aussie Nacra Nationals 2018-2019

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Aussie Nacra Nationals 2018-2019 - 07/09/18 12:35 AM

The Aussie Nacra National Titles for 2018-2019 are at Great Lakes Sailing Club, near Forster in New South Wales. This is a top location where the Wildcat regatta is held every year, camping is available on site and you book your camp site when you register for the event or there is plenty of accommodation in the town or local resorts if you book early enough. Last time this event was held in NSW we had 24 x 5.8's on the start line, we should have more than 30 this time. It's a great event for kids as well with so many boats like the 350, 430, 450, 5.0, F15 and then there are so many kids on the larger boats. The F18's, F17's, 16 squares should have large fleets again plus the other smaller classes like, 14 squares, 18 squares, 5.7, F16, and so on. All up there should be more than 80 boats, this sailing club knows how to run big events that are great fun on and off the water so if you've got a Nacra come along and join the fun,

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Tempting... very tempting..
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Re: Aussie Nacra Nationals 2018-2019 - 07/20/18 09:27 AM

Mate you would love it, this place is palm trees and beer, if you get keen I might be able to find a crew position for you or I know of a 1200 series that is in good enough nick, that can be bought for $4000 and probably easily sold for 3000 to 4000 Aussie dollars after the event depending on how quickly you want to sell it. There are lots of husband wife, father daughter, father son combos on these boats at this event as well, so ideal family holiday.
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Re: Aussie Nacra Nationals 2018-2019 - 12/29/18 07:37 PM

The National titles start today with a total of 55 Nacra's competing, 21 of which are Nacra 5.8's. The invitation race was held yesterday in plenty of wind, some gusts must have been well above 25kts, I elected not to go out as we didn't want to wreck anything and the rest of the week is forecast for plenty as well.
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amazing - 5.8s used to be such a strong class in the US. looks like you're getting good local news coverage, too - good luck! post pics!
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Re: Aussie Nacra Nationals 2018-2019 - 12/31/18 01:09 PM

We actually have 24 Nacra 5.8's competing, and have completed 6 races in two sessions in two days from 10.30 am to back on the beach about 2pm, wind has been mid teens, with some holes in it and with gusts to about 20kts, then windier in the arvo. Lay day tomorrow, then we are racing in the arvo's with a forecast of 20kts plus gusts for the last 3 days. All 24 of the 5.8's competing have the square top sail, the course has a gate at the bottom, opening some opportunities to make and lose ground. I tried to post pics but haven't been able to work out how to resize and that sort of stuff on a mobile phone, for those on Facebook the NSW Nacra association site has photos and results for all classes. There are Nacra 3.5, 4.5, F15, 16 square, 17, Infusion and 5.8 racing, it's amazing how well the young kids are going on the F15 and how well a Nacra 4.5 goes with two adult males on it. Happy New Year
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