F18 Worlds Sarasota

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F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/16/18 09:20 PM

Looks like no races yesterday (anyone know why?), and four today. Results are here:

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/17/18 02:36 PM

Looks reasonably well-behaved. Single start line for nearly 80 boats, a small smattering of UFD penalties. A few RETs, and one boat got RDG for two races, so the jury's had at least some business.

Looking at the notices, someone's been toying with their VHFs, and the RC is not happy about it...

No real news posted on the website, so hard to know much else. Anyone getting info elsewhere?

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/17/18 03:36 PM

Light air on Monday, only one race.

Better conditions Tuesday with three races.

From the video feeds, looks like today is pretty nice!
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/18/18 12:19 AM

Thanks Will. Where did you find a video feed?

There were no races scored Monday night, so I'd assumed that there were none on Monday, especially after they bumped all the starts up for the rest of the week and cancelled the offshore day.

The race results from yesterday seemed to be posted almost in real time!

I only see two races scored today, and it looks like the wind quit by 2:00. Lots of letter scores in Race 6, including some BFDs. Maybe I jinxed them this morning?!

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/18/18 12:40 PM

I found the FB page! Lots more info there than the official event site.

I despise that you have to be a FB member to see pics, etc.

With all the data breaches, why do people still belong to FB???

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/22/18 12:48 PM

Mike it seems everyone is so locked in with FB that the data breaches don't matter.

Monday we got in 1 race in pretty light and shifty conditions. Tuesday was a good day of racing for the fleet, double trap upwind and single trap downwind for the first 2 races. We managed to break a spin pole while in the top 10 in the first race Tuesday, lashed it on the water to keep racing which was the smart decision as its a 30 minute sail back to the club from the race course. Wednesday was similar to Tuesday in terms of conditions, with Thursday and Friday being lighter air days and tricky sailing.

A few details:

SSS did a fantastic job hosting us with tons of support boats, food and beer after racing most nights and one of the best race committees I've seen.

The wind could have been a touch more forgiving, as it was very shifty, but the top guys still made it work.

I think we ended up the highest placed team with the least amount of time on the water together, all the teams in the top 3 have been sailing together for 10+ years and most of the teams in the top 10 fall into this category. Mike and Tripp took 2nd sailing a 2011 C2 with long boards and updated sails. It was pretty flat water and I think if we sailed outside in bigger waves and breeze the C2 would have suffered some but all in all they are solid boats still capable of winning!!

The decksweeper mains are here to stay. Downwind on port gybe is scary, especially going back through the upwind fleet at the first mark rounding, but otherwise they are faster all around. 1D, Goodall and NextGen have good DS packages, Peter and Ferdinand made the new Infusion Mk. 3 and Performance Sails DS work pretty well for them throughout the week and I expect that package to continue improving as the boat settings are finalized.

Scorpions, C2's and Edges are fast. In the conditions we had if you weren't running long boards you were in trouble, and I think here the Scorpions have a leg up with the biggest daggerboards of any in the fleet.
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/22/18 04:46 PM

Originally Posted by brucat
With all the data breaches, why do people still belong to FB???

What is secure?

Yahoo, eBay, Equifax, Heartland Payment Systems, Target Stores , Uber, JP Morgan Chase, US Office of Personnel Management, Sony's PlayStation Network, VeriSign , Home Depot, Adobe


What are they gonna get from my FB account? my pictures?
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/24/18 11:21 AM

Thanks for the write-up, Sam!

As for FB, aren't you required to enter a lot of personal identification information? Online stores are typically limited to your CC# and address. With your full info, identity theft is a real problem that can ruin your life for years. If thieves steal a CC#, that's a PITA, but it's a one-time hit.

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/24/18 11:55 AM


I don't recall entering a lot of personally identifying information on FB, but I also tend to not fill out all fields. Probably the worst is they have your DOB, hometown usually, college town usually plus name and a photo. If they manage to link that with a stolen CC and full address you could be in serious trouble. At the same time, FB doesn't ask for your SSN and you can hide most PII!

Also, most videos don't require a full login, certainly not on the embedded side.

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/24/18 05:37 PM

I've been careful about the information I enter into sites like Facebook. I downloaded the datafile they have on me after one of their data breaches this year (the same one that a lot of people were shocked at how much info they had). I found practically nothing in that file of any value about me. You can be selective and not hand over a ton of personal info.
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/26/18 05:02 AM

There were great short videos of sailors on the F18 Facebook links, I saw snippets of people I knew even though they finished down the list, I would like to say a very well done to Sarasota and the F18 management team and also noticed the USA teams seem to be getting better so well done. Also the young females like Lucy, Ariella, etc are going great guns so the futures looking bright
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/26/18 06:54 PM

Thanks for the compliments on the media!

We had posted on facebook and Youtube was planned but overlooked. Sorry about that!

The videos are all now on youtube now.
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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/26/18 07:03 PM

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Re: F18 Worlds Sarasota - 10/27/18 02:47 AM

That video is a great advert for the class
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