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Posted By: northsea junkie

Old school - 07/09/19 07:36 AM

Roving on internet I came along with a very old sales video from the Prindle company:

You all know that I made my own unsinkable version of the P15 about 10 years ago. Built from foam and epoxy laminate. And I still sail on it summer and winter on the Northsea.
So with this vid I celebrate the 47 birthday of the three Prindle cats ( 15,16 and 18)

It's nice to compare this with our world nowadays.

Posted By: Damon Linkous

Re: Old school - 07/09/19 07:29 PM

Thanks for sharing!

Love the way the ads were done back in the early "catamaran wars" days.

Both Prindle and Hobie tended to feature young girls sailing alone in the open ocean, not a PFD in sight!

Times indeed change.
Posted By: Timbo

Re: Old school - 07/30/19 01:24 PM

Great find Ronald! Thanks for posting that!

I have a Prindle Escape, which I was told is the P16 rig on the P18 hulls. It’s got a roller furling jib and the main is boomless, I was told Prindle made this model as motel and beach rental boats.

It’s got dual traps but I usually sail it solo, sometimes I’ll bring one or two of my dogs, or I’ll take out a beginner to teach them how to sail, trap, and It’s a great boat on a windy day but underpowered in light air.

I saw a lot of Prindles on the beach in Zandvoort, which is north of Amsterdam, it’s very shallow there for a couple hundred yards offshore so the boardless design and the kick up rudders work great in launching and returning from that beach.
Posted By: northsea junkie

Re: Old school - 08/10/19 08:14 PM

Hey Timbo,

Next time you are in Holland and want to spend some hours, you can drive 40 km up north and visit my site.
See my special Prindle and the beach where I sail.

You are always welcome and can contact me via my emailadress.
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