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Posted By: jjs1989

Worrell 1000 - 09/14/19 06:53 PM


My name is Jared Sonnenklar

I’m putting a team together for Worrell 2021.

I have acquired mast up storage here in KW and plan to do some training runs here to MIA

I am looking for someone to join the team. I have not been sailing competitively for the last few years and so do not have a regular partner.

Ideally we can spend some time training in the months ahead.

About me, I have a fair amount of distance experience completing servers partner 500s and the Great Texas 300.

I look forward to speaking with anyone interested.

You can contact me at or 9542352537

Thank you!
Posted By: cyberspeed

Re: Worrell 1000 - 09/16/19 04:54 AM

Hi Jared,

All you needed to say is: "I'm Jared Sonnenklar and I am looking for people for my team." Everyone on here already knows you are a bad xxx! Great to see you putting together a Worrell 1000 effort. I would be interested but I am already "Researching" an effort too. For anyone that doesn't know Jared, he is truely a great person and great sailor.

We are probably going to be doing the Steeplechase if it happens and definitely the Miami-Key Largo. Will probably be sailing down and back up from Singer Island instead of trailering. If you are interested in sailing up north, let me know. I can probably sort out accommadations for both you and your boat.

Hiram's Haul is November 16-17. It is a memorial for Dior Hubel that passed earlier this year. We are trying to get as many boats to enter as possible. Would be great to have ya'll make it.

Good luck and would be great to see you on the starting line!
Posted By: Damon Linkous

Re: Worrell 1000 - 09/16/19 06:46 PM

Good luck Jared! You've been a great supporter and competitor of catamaran distance racing so you shouldn't have any trouble fielding a team.

Looks like the Worrell is shaping up to have quite an international flavor with several foreign teams already registered.

The entry list is showing 8 registered so far

It's not clear how much of a commitment that indicates for each team. I don't know if they are collecting any entry fees or if anything is nonrefundable. Saying that, most of the teams listed are well-known sailors that presumably can make the line.

What do you think about the OA decision to make the race a single class of F18 boats? I like having a level group, makes it much easier for non-sailors to understand and will generate more excitement in the press and beaches since anyone can understand "first to the beach wins" as opposed to a ratings system.
Posted By: jjs1989

Re: Worrell 1000 - 09/18/19 10:43 PM

Than you for the kinds words and support!

Also thank you to everyone who responded with interest in joining the team! I’m very glad I decided to reach out.

I will definitely try and make Hiram’s I have never done it. Steeplechase and key largo are definite.

I’m very excited to be sailing again and especially sailing with the goal of doing the Worrell. It’s somerhkng I have wanted to do since I was little.

I don’t have an opinion on OA choices. I’m very happy there is a race to participate in, and the racer in me is salivating at 8 or more same class boats over 2 weeks.

Since it’s a boat a don’t own, I’m happy the cost is less than the Carbon 20s etc. Used F18s appear plentiful and priced across the spectrum and spread accesos the country. (Also Europe but I wasn’t shopping there).

I also remember a year where it was supposed to be the Javeline HT or something. At least F18s already exist and are ready to sail.

Overall I’m very excited and totally enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Quick story...

In 2001 after being one of only a handful of the nearly 20 boats to make it out through massive surf, Rod Waterhouse lost the rudder system on his boat. Using the sails to turn-downwind toward shore; he jumped off the back and used his body to steer safely to shore. There he walked out to the road flagged down the team Castrol ground crew who lent him new rudders. He promptly installed them, and navigated even larger surf to finish the leg.

Dad has the video of the launch somewhere. I’ll see if he can find it.

Thanks again everyone!
Posted By: John Williams

Re: Worrell 1000 - 01/29/20 10:38 PM

i want to bump this convo back up... Jared, i hope things come together for you soon. i have passed along your request to a couple of folks that inquired about becoming team members on the facebook page.

regarding teams that have signed up - commitment is there, and entries are being held in escrow. info on that is available at the time of entry, but you can rest assured that (lessons learned) the money is safe and refundable under specific circumstances. i don't speak for the Board, which includes people who were impacted by what happened to the event years ago, but the fleet has very real advocates that are committed to protecting the newly-constituted event, its reputation, and the participants.

event planning is proceeding in earnest. i hope that the successful completion of the 2019 event has put to bed much of the understandable skepticism.
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