2020, The Year of The Cat

Posted By: dave mosley

2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/13/19 04:11 PM

I want to challenge you guys to make this coming year one that brings back the old cat sailors, brings in the new ones, and gets monoslug sailors on a cat. This is a challenge to CRAM, CABB, NEMSA, CRAW, and all the other fleets represented here from the SEACATS to try something different, market the heck out of your cat regattas, involve the other fleets in your sailing clubs or areas to reciprocate help with their regattas.
I'm finishing my term as Commodore of a primarily dinghy and monohull club and I have seen the benefits of aggressive marketing and outside of the box ideas to get sailing going again. 2 weekends ago we held a regatta that 4 years ago had 49 registered boats, this year 152, this stuff works, and as I attempted to turn my club into a catamaran club(not really), I saw ideas that worked and resources used to bolster participation. This year as I have more time to devote to the cat scene I'm going to try to get our cat fleet revitalized using similar ideas, but Im looking for input on how to capture newbies and old sailors who have left the sport.

I'm open for suggestions from fleets who are thriving, and looking forward to get something going early spring. So far my idea is to have "Cat Revival Regatta" late March, early April here in Columbia SC. This would be a 4 day event with a seminar, a "green fleet", and lots of camping, good food, and comraderie.

Please share any ideas, and challenge your fleets to get cats back on the scene at your clubs and in your areas!

Posted By: cyberspeed

Re: 2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/20/19 04:53 AM

Hi Dave,

I recently wore my Team Seacats shirt that Jake donated to me when I left my luggage at the hotel during one of the Tybee 500s I worked. Those mornings were hectic.

I am in the process of trying to revive the Endurance Series which is mainly Florida based. Having Sail Series Promotions (SSP) close shop really hurt considering at the end they were running:
Florida 300
Hiram's Haul

My only regret on resigning from SSP is that if I was still a part of it, I probably could have maintained at least two of those three races. I have a plan roughly outlined but don't really want to make it public. Unfortunately I would need help to pull it all together. I am working on some sponsor angles but also need someone to do race committee. I am trying to also put together a Worrell 1000 campaign for 2021 so my plan is to be on a boat and not on the shore.

Let me know if you would like to see it.
Posted By: Damon Linkous

Re: 2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/20/19 07:26 PM

Hey Craig, glad you are working to keep those races going.

Since SSPUSA dissolved I haven't done anything yet with the existing website.

I'd be glad to turn it over to you, domain name and all, if with you want it. You'd need to rebuild it as you like but there is some good info on the races.

Let me know if you are interested.
Posted By: dave mosley

Re: 2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/26/19 08:03 PM

Craig, I think we have to work as groups and support each other at this point. Here is my proposal for my region;

Easter Weekend 2020
Gates open at Columbia Sailing Club on Wednesday April 8th 2020 for camping and boat set-up, practice sail etc.
Thursday green Fleet seminar, help with boat set-up for new sailors, and on the water drills with high profile cat sailor/instructor.
Friday/Saturday Racing(Friday is Good Friday so some may have that day off anyway) Green fleet racing, and high/low DPN fleet racing, possible distance race around the lake
Sunday is off day for travel, family church, etc

So how can we bring back the Spring Fever approach? How can we get boats to travel? How do we get "green fleeters" interested in coming out? How do we get old cat sailors off the couch and get their boats ready?
How do we get fleets to support each others events?

Any discussion or suggestions?
Posted By: cyberspeed

Re: 2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/27/19 03:40 AM

Hi Damon,
I'm not really interested in the domain but I could possibly import the data from the website into the Endurance Series website.
Let me know if you are interested. I have some very good export software that would make it easy for you to get the data to me.

Hi Dave,
I don't really have enough time to devote to both buoy and endurance racing so my main interest is in endurance racing. I do participate in the Delray events because I am friends with the sailors and I can just sail my boat down for their events. If interested, I can send you my notes and info on what I am working on that might be able to give you some ideas on the programs you are working on.

Let me know and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted By: cyberspeed

Re: 2020, The Year of The Cat - 11/27/19 03:47 AM

Originally Posted by dave mosley
Craig, I think we have to work as groups and support each other at this point...How do we get fleets to support each others events?
Any discussion or suggestions?

Oddly enough, this is the reason why I resigned from the SSP Board.
Short Story: A board member said he wanted to reneg on a vote (It took an extreme amount of energy to get him to support) because I was posting information on other races that he did not have control of. He was the only board member that had an issue but his "outrage" really pissed me off.
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