Worrell 1000 Ground Crew Finder

Posted By: John Williams

Worrell 1000 Ground Crew Finder - 02/19/20 12:50 AM

hi folks -

i've received a few inquiries, seen some requests and gotten some facebook messages and calls about ground crew for the 2021. i'd like to try and consolidate that information here in order to connect people as efficiently as possible.

post in this thread if you are looking for an opportunity to be ground crew, or if you're a team that needs a manager, pusher, sailor or psychiatrist. there will be a link to this thread on the Worrell website and on the Worrell Facebook page.

as of today, there are only five team slots left. i know of four more teams that are planning to sign up.

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Posted By: samc99us

Re: Worrell 1000 Ground Crew Finder - 05/18/20 12:11 AM

John, you might have noticed that this site is basically dead. Better to start a thread over on
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