Hull pressurizing

Posted By: DaleYoung

Hull pressurizing - 06/13/22 01:39 PM

Just completed refurbish of a Supercat 17. After sailing I noticed a lot of air pressure built up inside of the hulls. I would imagine that could do some damage if left. Is there a recommended spot to drill a vent hole? or is there a vent available?
Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Damon Linkous

Re: Hull pressurizing - 06/13/22 11:04 PM

I don't know if Supercats had factory hull vents. On other cats that do, they are usually under the beams for protection, and often get clogged up. (Hobie 16)

How did you notice the pressure? Were the hulls distorted? Do you have deck ports? Are the hulls painted a dark color?
Posted By: DaleYoung

Re: Hull pressurizing - 06/15/22 01:16 AM

When I would pull the drain plug after sailing, it would let off a blast of air. My hulls are white. They weren't distorted. No. I don't have an ports, but I'm going to either drill a small hole or add some kind of vent. Just didn't know what others were doing. I'm new to cats.
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