The best boating/fishing story ever!

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The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/01/05 10:48 PM

Ok, story time with Trey.....

So yesterday (sunday) afternoon, a friend and I decided that we wanted to go fishing. It has been raining all weekend, and had finally let up to a light sprinkle every now and then. So, we jumped in the trusty old pickup truck, and headed out to the land where I keep my sailboats. There is an old pond there, and I knew that it was loaded with largemouth bass. We got my little 10 foot jonboat, threw a few old rods in, and shoved out for our nice little fishing escapade on a quiet sunday we thought. Anyway, we fished for about an hour and a half, and were slowly working our way around the pond (about 3/4 acre pond). As we got close to the place we started, we were getting rather frustrated, as the fish had completely stopped biting. We then decided that we were gonna try fishing in the middle of the pond, where there was deeper water. Well, as we turned around, I pointed out what seemed to be a shallow spot in the pond, and started casting towards it. My friend made the comment that is seemed like an awful small "sandbar" to be in a pond, so we paddled right over the top of it. The water went from about 10 foot deep to 2 foot deep. Things started to get very interesting. I took the paddle we were using, and tapped the bottom, only to hear a clang clang and then a few air bubbles came up. My friend yelled "Holy %$#@!, that's a car!" And right he was. There was a car at the bottom of our beloved fishing hole. Not knowing exactly what to do, we clanged and banged until we were absolutely sure it was a car...and it was without a doubt. I got in touch with the landowner and told him about our "catch." He was as surprised as we were, because he had lived there for 23 years and had no idea about it. He was out of town, but he returned today. He had called the sheriff, and they came out with all the "big guns." When I got there (I left work rather early for this), there was a full police dive team, 3 fire trucks, a wrecker, and a slew of police cars. I thought, "Wow, maybe we uncovered a huge murder case and I'll get a massive reward from the FBI!" (I was wrong). The divers went it, hooked the tow line up to the car, and they were pulling the car out of the pond. As it turned out, the car was a late model (2000ish) Hyundai Elantra with VA plates that had been stolen in 2003. People don't put cars in ponds for no reason. Instead of largemouth that day, we had caught a car. That is my fishing story for the day.

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Re: The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/01/05 11:43 PM

While one might argue that "the best boating/fishing story ever!" would probably involve a sail boat, I'll admit that's pretty wild!
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Re: The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/02/05 05:30 AM

Trey, I'm a little dissapointed they didn't at least offer you the car! Better luck next time!
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Re: The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/02/05 01:50 PM

Actually, all you t500 guys remember our ground crew James....

he said that if the car was "worth anything" he was going to try and restore it. I don't think he felt like putting in the hours for a Hyundai :P

(no offense to hyundai owners)
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 02:06 PM

Some time last year I went after work to do my random inspection of the beach . On my way there I thought I'd stop and take a look at what the few fishermen were catching or if there was any bait to be netted around the bridge. There were two guys on the north side and one on the south of this small bascule bridge apparently waiting for something to happen.In the middle I leaned over the rail to have a better look and could see under the bridge somewhat.Thats when I noticed way under a pair of shoes and calves just within eyesight on the embankment toes down. They were'nt moving. Curiosity got this cat so I went to the start of the railing to see if everything was Ok. A women face down had so it seems passed out in the sand and rock. I thought maybe just drunk or worse... I walked back to bridge house,in there was elderly guy obliviouse to everything except when a boat was coming and probably Regis Philbun and "Who wants to be a Millionaire". I think you need to come take a look at this you know I said there is a girl passed out under the bridge, did you notice her going down there? He looked at me grinningly when he realised she was not moving "Well you know this bridge has "Trolls" he said. "Trolls" I replied, "Then this must be one of them "Trollbridges" and you must be the "Trolltender" but I think you better call the cops because one of your Trolls is dead. The 11:00 news reported "Police have found an unidentified woman dead uder a bridge. Cause unknown. The Trolltender is not working there anymore though!
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 04:13 PM

Bob, that's amazing. I wonder why the fishermen didn't notice it.
Posted By: Jimbo

Re: The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/02/05 04:33 PM

Trey, I'm a little dissapointed they didn't at least offer you the car! Better luck next time!
What on earth would you do with it?!! I used to work in a body shop back in the early 80's that specialized in buying up Flooded/dunked cars and rebuilding them. If it had been in the drink for more than a week it was salvage only. Automotive paints are not actually waterproof, just highly water resistant. Even paints like Awl-Grip are not rated for below waterline use because they are not waterproof, only water resistant. If you put these coatings underwater long enough, like a week or two, the water penetrates through the coating and ruins it with blisters and begins to corrode the metal. Think of all the places inside the car that can never be re-painted once the car leaves the factory. And we have not even talked about replacing the potentially ruined interior, engine/transaxle or wiring and electronics, any one of which will easily exceed the value of the car.

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Re: The best boating/fishing story ever! - 08/02/05 04:41 PM

Are you saying that Awl-Grip paint should only be used on boats above the water line?
Posted By: BobG

Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 06:00 PM

The fishermen or the Bridgetender did'nt care or she was down there before they got there.Like I said you would have to lean over the railing just to see her feet. People go down there all the time sleep or party out. We have a tour boat that goes fishing in the fall-spring .I wish they would had that on the tour."On our left we have one of the more affluent mansions and on our right up ahead under the bridge is a..............Dead Troll ! And there is a Marina within eyesight of the whole scene. The best was the fight with South Florida radio talk show host Neil Rogers and a retired bridgetender about leaving the bridges up for boat traffic during a Hurricane several years ago.
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 07:01 PM

Are you going to leave us hanging about this dead troll lady? Did they ever find out who she was or how she died or how old she was or anything? I feel like I dropped into the middle of a Carl Hiaasen novel and don't know the beginning or the end.
Posted By: steveh

Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 07:55 PM

I feel like I dropped into the middle of a Carl Hiaasen novel and don't know the beginning or the end.

Remember this ending?

Caller: Hep meh! Peezh!

Dispatcher: Do you have an emergency?

Caller: Yeah, I gah a emoozhenzhee! I gah a fugghy boo-gozer oh meh azzhhh!

Dispatcher: 'Boo-gozer'? Sir, I'm sorry, but you'll have to speak more clearly. This is Levy County Fire and Rescue, do you have an emergency to report?

Caller: Yeah! Hep! Mah baggh is boge! A bing zzhhaa eng mah fay! I ngee hep!

Dispatcher: Sir, do you speak English?

Caller: Eh izzh Engizh! Mah ung gaw zzha off! Whif a gung!

Dispatcher: Hang on, Mr. Boogozer, I'm transferring you to someone who can take the information....

Caller: Ngooohh! Hep! Peezh!

Dispatcher 2: Diga. Donde estas?

Caller: Aaaaaaagghh!!!

Dispatcher 2: Tienes un emergencia?

Caller: Oh fugghh. I gaw die.

Dispatcher 2: Senor, por favor, no entiendo nada que estas diciendo.

Caller: Hep!...Hep!
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 08:38 PM

Mary this could very be one of the forgotten scenes in Hiassen novel. The girl looked to be about 40 years old ( that could be troll years) but she looked pretty weathered on starboard .She apparently was just roaming around town but was at one time a resident in my town. She looked suspiciously like the girl who was married to a barfly that owned a bait and tackle store not far from the bridge.If she was, then this definately is one of Carls stories come true.This guy woke up drunk,stayed drunk the whole business day and thought about getting drunk after work .He had a helpful buddy there to stop thievery that would dip into the till after every transaction go next door into the bar to keep fueled up as a reward and denied it every time for months. The owner caught him when I was there once to buy a rod and reel and the two drunks had a frozen bait and fishing lure fight. Needless to say the police were in there more than the bar next door.The bait shop and small house was inherited and eventually lost for whatever reason. That early evening of the incident though, I stopped back to see the police now involved. They held and questioned me with suspicion. I figured it best to stop rather than to have the open question of "Where is the guy in the white paint van that you got this info from Mr.Trollbridge Tender!
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 08:56 PM

Steve, you kill me... now I have to dig that back up and read it again! What was his name for the bulldozer? And from Tourist Season (my fave) what were the voles names again?
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/02/05 09:50 PM

Can't answer your questions. It's been too long and I read them all in about a six month span, so they're all jumbled up. However, I do have another 911 call. (That guy was one sick freak.)

Caller: Help me! Help me, God, please, oh God, help...

Dispatcher: What's the problem, sir?

Caller: She set my hair on fire! I'm burning up, oh God, please!

Dispatcher: Hang on, sir, we've got a truck on the way. We've got help coming. Can you make it to the bathroom? Try to get to the bathroom and turn on the shower.

Caller: I can't, I can't move...She tied me to the dn bed. She ... I'm tied to the bed with like---oh Js, my hair!---clothesline. Aaaggggghhhooooohhhh....

Dispatcher: Can you roll over? Sir, can you roll over?

Caller: Cindy, no! Cindy, don't! CINDY!

Dispatcher: Sir, if you're tied to the bed, then how---

Caller: She held the phone to my ear, the sick bh. She dialed 911 and put the phone to my ear and now ... ooohhhhhhh .... Stop! ... Now she's doing marshmallows. My hair's on fire and she's cooking...Stop, God, stop, I'm burning up, Cindy!...Marsh---oh Js!--mallows! ... Cindy, you crazy psycho bh...
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Re: The Bridge Tender - 08/03/05 02:36 AM

The best was the fight with South Florida radio talk show host Neil Rogers and a retired bridgetender about leaving the bridges up for boat traffic during a Hurricane several years ago.

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