Catamaran Battens

Posted By: Red

Catamaran Battens - 08/03/05 04:23 PM

I have been looking for some old used full length battens for a 16ft catamaran. The cat looks very similar to a Venture. WOuld anyone have any full length battens that i could buy or have for cheap. I was going to cut them down to size. The width of my sail is 84 inches and decreasing. I know I sound new to cat sailing, its because I am. My grandfather wetted my tastes to sail and now I'm hooked. I've peiced togther this old boat for next to nothin, you all would be proud.

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Posted By: tburd

Re: Catamaran Battens - 08/05/05 12:03 PM

Hey, I've got an old Venture Cat that I'm trying to get rid of. If you want the battens/sails/any part of it, let me know.
Posted By: Red

Re: Catamaran Battens - 08/07/05 01:24 AM

Hey Tburd,
Thans for replying. I would be interested in your battens and maybe even your sails. What are the dimensions to your battens and the sails? [color:"blue"] [/color]
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