Needed, Tampabay Area Catamaran Sailors

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Needed, Tampabay Area Catamaran Sailors - 04/15/07 12:07 AM

Saturday April 28,2007
Tampa Sailing Squadron
Ruskin, FL.
Your local Sea Scout's are in need of at
least 4 16'-18' catamarans plus there skippers.
This is a wonderful opportunity for some very kind cat sailors.
to work with our local youth to help them
accomplish there merit badges in multi-hull training
and racing. The event will involve your time for the whole day.
Lunch will be provided.
Please email or call me for more details.
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Re: Needed, Tampabay Area Catamaran Sailors - 04/22/07 09:23 AM

For any that think they will be able to come,
please contact below. I am out of here, gone
to Rick White's Cat School.
Tony Angel
Phone 727-345-9837
Cell 727-459-7900
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