Mystere 6.0

Posted By: Warro

Mystere 6.0 - 07/07/07 02:06 PM

Greetings all !
Just picked up a 1993 Mystere 6.0 from S.C. that hasnt been used much , just was left uncovered with some UV sun damage only (topside chalking). Hulls are hard (no soft areas )and responded good to buffing out with 3M restorer.Was hoping someone could foward me some rigging diagrams & line sizes , as most of the lines are lost or un hooked.The North sails look near new. Hoping to have ready for sept. at Dunedin causeway
Posted By: David Parker

Re: Mystere 6.0 - 07/07/07 04:03 PM

You ought to just come by the Causeway most any day and look at a M6.0 or a 5.5. The 5.5 is rigged exactly like the 6.0. Any of the local Mystere sailors would be glad to help and they are there a lot. Where do you keep your boat?
Posted By: Warro

Re: Mystere 6.0 - 07/08/07 05:16 AM

Sounds like a great plan , thanks. I'm up the road a ways near Spr.Hill .First getting the tramp apart to be restitched.Hopefully with teflon thread.
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