Wild Cat Regatta

Posted By: naishman

Wild Cat Regatta - 09/15/03 02:34 PM

Any H14s going to Lake Eustis? So far only 3 have pre-registered.2 straight and 1 turbo.
Posted By: waterbug_wpb

Re: Wild Cat Regatta - 09/22/03 09:50 PM

How'd you do this weekend? I saw a handfull of 14s buzzing around the course... We, of course were trying to stay upright!
Posted By: naishman

Re: Wild Cat Regatta - 09/23/03 03:19 PM

I was having a blast until I Pitchpoled downwind in the second race on sunday. Mast stuck in the bottom too. No damage.Great weekend, lots of wind
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