Beer Run

Posted By: ksurfer2

Beer Run - 11/23/05 06:23 PM

On Sunday November 27th, a few boats are doing a run from Davis Island to the St. Pete pier and back. So far there is one Nacra 6.0 w/spin, one Nacra 20 (possibly 2). The more the merrier!!! We plan to syncronize watches at 10 and leave at 10:30. No race committee, no fees, just sailing for beer and bragging rights.
Posted By: ksurfer2

Re: Beer Run - 11/28/05 08:16 PM

Sunday was an awesome sail. We ended up with two Nacra 20's and one 6.0. Winds were out of the Southeast between 12 and 20 kts for the entire sail. An upwind battle around McDill and then a tight reach the pier. Another tight reach back to McDill and then a spinnaker run back to Davis Island. The whole trip took just 2.5 hours and the margin of victory was about 3 minutes. First to finish was a N20, followed by the 6.0. The second N20 dropped out due to technical difficulties.
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