Dyneema jib halyard

Posted By: Dazz

Dyneema jib halyard - 08/15/08 04:57 AM

Hi everyone

Im about to replace the jib halyard on the capricorn, I would like to use dyneema but i am concerned about the stretch as my halyard is not adjustable on water.

are there many peeps using dyneema over wire now?
Posted By: mikekrantz

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 08/18/08 02:15 PM

Use vectran if you are concerned about creep.
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 08/23/08 06:41 PM

Don't do it unless you can rig an easy on the water tensioner
Posted By: davefarmer

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 08/24/08 04:13 AM

I'm happy using Vectran.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 08/25/08 12:32 AM


the last owner of your boat was a know nothing layabout. Whatever you do change all his systems and rope selections etc.
Posted By: Dazz

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 08/27/08 07:37 AM

Thanks Scarecrow, I'm sure TA will be pleased to hear that :P

There are some realy good setups on this boat that I havnt seen anywhere else.

I have made some changes, done a bucket load of maintenace (all standing rigging, diamonds, all shock cord, new sheets..) mostly so the boat is easier to deal with on a week to week basis.

The forestay is being replaced today, the furler is coming out as the jib doesnt furl anyway. The choice between a rope or wire jib halyard determins the type of pulley that will be swaged onto the forestay.

Im sticking with wire.
Posted By: Juha

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 06/23/15 07:55 AM

Hi there,

I would like to replace the jib halyard on my Nacra Infusion mk II. What line are recommending for the halyard? Should I use Dacron or some other material, such as Vectran?

Here's the Nacra's manual how to replace the halyard -> .

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Dazz

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 06/25/15 12:06 AM

What a fortune teller you turned out to be Scarecrow. by the time I had finished it was virtually identical in setup to the C2, so when i made the move to a new boat, everything was the just the same but faster/easier to sail.

Juha, any old piece of string will do for a nacra halyard. If you have the stock hook/ring arrangement then there is no load on the halyard at all.
Posted By: Gilo

Re: Dyneema jib halyard - 06/28/15 08:11 PM

Vectran has a very bad UV resistance. I don't think the line will last longer than 3 years. My preference would be dyneema.
Setting up an adjustable jib halyard is quite easy and definately worth the investment if you are racing.
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