Camera for sailing

Posted By: Moshe_ta

Camera for sailing - 07/29/10 02:23 PM


I need your help, i am looking for Video & still camera for photo our catamaran sailling, do you have any favorit camera?


Posted By: Dan_Delave

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/29/10 05:47 PM

Pentax makes a waterproof camera Optix W10 trough W80 that can do both video and still. I have two and like the quality. If you would like one I may be willing to part with the W20.
Posted By: doekie

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/29/10 10:18 PM

but where do you place the camara / fit the camera to the cat? Thats what I am struggeling with. I use a waterproof Olympus though camera, great video but cant get the right position for it
Posted By: Tony_F18

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/30/10 09:19 AM

Checkout the GoPro Hero HD, great quality and a lot of mounting options.
Posted By: CatSailingHu

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/30/10 11:44 AM

The Oregon launched the ATC9K HD right now.

[Linked Image]

looks interesting.

Posted By: maritimesailor

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/30/10 04:58 PM

Go Pro Hero HD, I'll be putting up vid next week of us on the C2, amazing stuff. Mounted on the spin pole you catch most action, especially down wind. The crew can easily turn it off and on to save battery / flash drive space.

Also mounted it on the back of the boom (just inside the main blocks) facing forward, works okay, you get to see the kite and prestart action is fun, but once on the wire you can't really see the skipper. Next try will be on an extension off the back of the boom looking forward (to get the skipper on trap) as well as top of mast facing down.

The spin pole facing aft kicks but, might try an extension off the front of the pole as well to get more in view upwind.

I'll post vids next week or so, once I edit it down to something entertaining.
Posted By: F18_VB

Re: Camera for sailing - 07/30/10 05:54 PM

Originally Posted by CatSailingHu
The Oregon launched the ATC9K HD right now.

I like the GPS and acceleration synchronization with playback.
Posted By: Moshe_ta

Re: Camera for sailing - 08/01/10 03:26 PM

thank you all, do you know maybe when i can buy the ATCK9 HD in Los Angeles?

Posted By: windadvisory

Re: Camera for sailing - 12/31/10 01:29 AM


You can find the ATC9k at any REI in the Los Angeles area.

Here is a store locator:
REI Store Locator (California)

Or you can order it directly from Oregon Scientific and get 2 free 2GB Micro SD cards.
Oregon Scientific
ATC 9K With Free Memory Cards

I personally own this camera and love it. The waterproof design, screen, g-force meter, and GPS functions are what really made up my mind.

Hope this helps!
Posted By: Baltic

Re: Camera for sailing - 12/31/10 05:27 PM

There is a software update for the Hero HD which enables the camera to turn the vid/ photo upside down. By this, you can mount the camera under the spi-pole facing forward with unobstructed view. Haven't tried it yet, but I guess that videos from the starting line and ton-area might be pretty cool.
Posted By: maritimesailor

Re: Camera for sailing - 01/11/11 07:45 PM

As a follow up to this, bunch of shorts we took over the summer, still working on making a few better quality movies, but all of this was done with GoPro

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