Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18?

Posted By: RG7351

Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/09/11 04:33 PM

We are interested in moving into F18 class racing from our Nacra 5.8. Primary interests are: (1) class racing (2) class events/clinics and (3) a more modern platform.

Economics are a reality and we are budgeting $7k for a new boat. There are a number of 2005 Nacras at this price, while Tigers tend to be more costly.

Can anyone with direct experience with the platform share their thoughts and experience on the 2005'ish Nacra F18? I am specifically interested in your thoughts on how the platform behaves and performs. Also, will we be dissatisfied when we race against a 3rd generation F18? Or, is this a good starting point?

Crew weight is 200 and skipper is 175. We do not have an existing Tiger fleet, so there are no considerations there.

Posted By: David Ingram

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/11/11 02:11 PM

I had a 2004 Nacra F18 for 3 years.

For what you're looking for it fits the bill well. As F18 platforms go it's my least favorite. It's a good flat water boat which means it suffers in the chop compared to the other platforms. It's also is a little skinny in the bow and this becomes annoyingly apparent downwind in a breeze. With this rig you MUST trap out downwind when the breeze is on, you can't be lazy or timid, it's a much better ride when someone is trapped out off the back. The boat is not very stupid friendly so you'll need to learn how to drive downwind in short order.

So for the most part you'll be in it upwind and will have to work a bit harder than the rest downwind.

Good luck, and we hope to see on the water soon.
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Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/11/11 06:59 PM

Are you trading in your NACRA 5.8 - and your total budget is therefore higher? The NACRA F18 is pretty outdated in the meantime, as David correctly says. I haven't seen one at class regattas for ages. I suggest to look for an early Capricorn which was at its lauch (2005?) ahead of the competition.
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/11/11 09:50 PM

Its a weapon in light winds/flat sea and a pig downhill in the rough stuff
Compared to the 5.8 - you will love it
Posted By: pitchpoledave

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/12/11 01:18 AM

I agree with the other comments on the boat. If your average conditions are light/medium you will be fine. Heavy conditions really require the newer hull designs such as the Infusion.
Posted By: RG7351

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/14/11 01:15 AM

Thank you all for the information. A few more questions:

Everyone mentioned issues with how the platform behaves downhill. Can you elaborate on this a little? Is it a lack of forward volume, does the hull not plane out well, or some issue with the rig? How bad is it really? I have certainly found that the 5.8 has it's limit on broad reach, particularly if you turn down too hard. Would you expect the Nacra F18 to be better or worse (I realize the difficulty in comparing a spin boat)?

What are your thoughts on 370+ total pounds on an F18? Do certain platforms (F18) platforms lend themselves to this weight better than others?

I will say that we sail in 15 knots with 8" choppy swell pretty frequently..

Thanks again for all your help.
Posted By: Kris Hathaway

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/14/11 01:05 PM


I had a 2003 Nacra F18 that replaced a N6.0 NA. I thought the difference was dramatic and really enjoyed the improved ride of the F18, big smiles!!!! It should be even more so relative to the 5.8.

Many of the newer F18s (and F16s) moved the front beam back 1-2 inches, flattened the bottoms, and move more volume lower in the hull; resulting in the ability to drive downhill harder. Though the changes seem slight, the difference is significant when you are pushing the boat to the limit.

For club racing, you'll be fine on the 2005 Nacra F18. You'll get a few years out of it, improve your skills, and be in a good place to get the latest/greatest with the next iteration of improvements and leap frog everyone else that has today's best wink.

Posted By: I20sailor

Re: Thoughts on 2005 Nacra F18? - 07/28/11 08:20 PM

So how would a 2007 Tiger compare in the higher wind conditions?
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