Ronstan F18 PSA

Posted By: tburd

Ronstan F18 PSA - 05/10/12 01:42 PM

For the Infusion and new Mk2 teams, we wanted to share all our boat setup and line length stuff. Our boat is pretty awesome [mostly because of the stickers], but bombproof rigging helps. Feel free to ask us any questions about how it all works. Hope it helps.
Microwind Racing Tuning

Also, while everyone's setting up this spring, our buddies at Ronstan are offering a deal. 30% off everything if you use "F182012" when you order online. Good through the end of the month. Ronstan Store
Posted By: Nate Reid

Re: Ronstan F18 PSA - 05/11/12 03:57 PM

Great job guys. Thanks for posting.

Posted By: Don_Atchley

Re: Ronstan F18 PSA - 05/12/12 04:08 PM

Damn, the new trap handles aren't available online RF5122R-2.
I was going to pull the trigger and set up the boat with those finally.
Posted By: tburd

Re: Ronstan F18 PSA - 05/15/12 04:24 PM

Turns out the awesome trap handles are backordered at the Ronstan HQ. They recommended checking with APS or Mauri Pro as there's a chance they have them in stock.
Posted By: wildtsail

Re: Ronstan F18 PSA - 05/22/12 04:44 PM

Can you post pictures of your 4:1 daggerboard uphaul?
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