g-cat 5.7 jib issues

Posted By: gcatwisconsin

g-cat 5.7 jib issues - 08/09/14 08:23 PM

When I tack my g-cat 5.7 the jib sheet gets stuck or hung up on the mast. The jib does float behind the mast when filled but that is how it was designed. I am new to cat sailing but the design seems poor. Maybe I am just not tacking it right and pulling the jib over early but when I wait it still gets hung up. Any suggestion? Alos, I am new to the forum, not sure if I posted in the right location. If so, just point me in the right direction. Thanks
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Re: g-cat 5.7 jib issues - 08/09/14 08:59 PM

On an TheMightyHobie18, we tie a bungie on the dolphin striker strap, run it up to the diamonds and back down and tie off - a kind of upside down V shape. Use enough tension to keep it snug, but not so much that it interferes with mast rotation.

Probably not the right forum, but frankly, I'm not sure which one would be correct either.
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Re: g-cat 5.7 jib issues - 08/10/14 05:33 AM

Hopefully this photo will show clearly, we have the jib problem on my Nacra 5.8 so I run a bungy from the inside of the hull to the mast and back to the other hull along the front beam and another bungy from the jib downhaul to the mast which stops any issue of jib hangups

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Re: g-cat 5.7 jib issues - 08/10/14 05:47 AM

My 5.8 used to get the jib blocks caught on everything! we rang a bungie from the diamond wires to the base of the bridal, ultimately cured by changing boats and going to the self taking jib.

you are in the right forum to buy a f18 and fix this problem for good smile
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Re: g-cat 5.7 jib issues - 12/18/14 05:45 AM

this is very nice post

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