Kahana Bay Run Saturday 4/24

Posted By: JasonF

Kahana Bay Run Saturday 4/24 - 04/17/04 09:02 AM

Just a note on the board- there's a run up to Kahana Bay and back on Saturday, 4/24. Depart as a group at 9am, lunch at Kahana, depart coming back around 1pm and back on the beach around 5pm.

See you there,

- jason
Posted By: ChrisMargaret

Re: Kahana Bay Run Saturday 4/24 - 04/21/04 06:13 AM

Ok everyone. The Kahana Bay run is on for this Saturday morning. I have to be home for a dinner party by 5pm so lets have an early departure. I want to shove off from the beach at KKSC at 9:00am sharp. I suggest arriving at KKSC by 8:00am to rig up.

So far these are the members that have RSVP'd with a YES.
Geoff Keenhan H-20 Miracle
Doug Boyd H-16 Getaway
John McCarron H-16 Getaway
Yours Truly H-20 Miracle

So.................. Who else is going to join in? This is a good opportunity to get out into the ocean for a change. There is safety in numbers. Should anyone get into trouble, the fleet will stay together until all members are out of harm's way.

On another note. Are there any good outboard mechanics in the club. I just picked up a Mercury 5hp, 2 stroke. It runs great but I believe the float bowl is sticking. When you turn the gas on it floods the engine and stalls. If you leave the gas on, it will begin to drip fuel from the carb. Shut the gas off and it runs till the carb is dry. Or any suggestions for a shop that won't rip me off with a service.
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