Hello Fellow long Islanders

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Hello Fellow long Islanders - 07/17/06 10:08 PM

Hi everyone. My name is Matt. My father and I have been browsing these forums for the last year or so looking at ideas for rigging and storage of Catamarans. My Father has been sailing since the early 1950's and I have been Crewing with him since the 1980's. Started off in Sizzler's then after those boats wore out we got a Hobie 16. Since then I have gone off to pilot School and now I’m back into sailing with him. We have purchased a Super Cat 20. Nice ship but we have run it to a few snags.
• The jib system is a complex nightmare which we fixed using some thing that looks like the Nacra self tacking system.
• Telescoping trailer’s parts getting Stuck.
• Setup and take down consume about 5 hours of the whole day trip.
• Sailing Clubs and places to beach the boat for the night have also dried up.

My Current questions are:
Anyone know of a sailing club that offers Mast up storage on long Island NY?
Any current races coming up in the Ny, LI area?
I saw a post on using a long island park for mast up storage. But the post was in early 2002. Is the Idea still valid? I called the park and their reply was “sailing? There have only been a few windsurfers in the past year. I haven’t seen any day sailor’s in a few years.”

I droped this in the general descussion room too. Forgot about LI having there own Room.
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 07/19/06 12:39 PM

I keep my boat on the beach at t he end of my street. I've done it for 10 years with only a few problems. I completely understand your aggravation concerning set-up and break-down. You end up spending more time doing that than sailing. In the town of New Suffolk which borders on cutchogue harbor and leads to great peconic and little peconic bay has available mast up storage. This location has the added benefit of allowing you to participate in the weekly wednesday night races around Robins Island. There can be as many as 40 monoslugs out for this informal race. There are a few cats-including Steven Bellavia on his Hobie FX one who will give you a run for your money. This weekly race will also give you good experience in starting in a decent size fleet. The race is about 8 miles (long course) and should take you less than an hour. You will need to contact Michael Raynor who operates the yard there. I think you can reach him at the Mattituck inlet marina at 298-4480. One of our big races out here is on saturday, august 19th. We start from the southold yacht club and race around shelter island. Let me know if you have trouble contacting Michael Raynor.
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/02/06 07:16 AM

You don't specify where on LI. I keep my cat mast up at Bayberry Yacht Club in Islip. Don't know if it's still done but years ago I looked into keeping a boat at Walker Beach in Brightwaters. Then you had to be a resident I knew someone there and was going to go in on their name.
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/03/06 01:58 AM

The location is in the town of New Suffolk that borders on Great Peconic Bay and Cutchogue Harbor. At the end of Long Island at the town of Riverhead the land forks. In between those forks are great peconic, little peconic and gardiners bay among others. The racing is excellent due to the various currents, wind shifts and wind shadows. We have the option of setting up windward/leeward races or a variety of distance races. If you keep your boat in New Suffolk you could get in on the weekly race around Robins Island.
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/03/06 02:08 AM

I forgot to mention that saturday august 19th we're having our annual race around Shelter Island. The race is run by the Southold Yacht Club and starts off the beach there in Southold Harbor between 10 and 11am. You can set your boat up at the yacht club and launch off the beach. It is approximately 25 miles and incorporates fair and foul currents, wind shadows from various points of land and all points of sail. I'm working on running a time warp distance race the next day so that sailors who come out get to race twice for one setup/breakdown/trailer adventure. Contact me at if you're interested and would like more details. Greg
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/04/06 12:44 PM

I am in port washington , just moved in recently and desparetly looking for easy storage or easy beach launching in my area or within parctical driving distance, any advise?
also looking for crew opportunity with any racing fleet within my area, mono, multi doesn't matter.
I checked with all clubs in myarea but it seams it may take a while for vacancy to open up. if you know somoen that loooking for experinced crew pls let me know

how far Bayberry Yacht Club in Islip from my town for the cat storage?

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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/06/06 01:04 PM

hi Matthew

i live in port washington too. i have a hobie16 and a nacra 5.8. my friend and i sail in the ocean by Piont Lookout.

if you want to go sailing send me a e-mail at

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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/07/06 06:55 PM

it is alex, not mat
looking to team up

email me at af8mailat
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/27/06 02:51 PM

I live in the Manhasset area and will be getting into Cat sailing because I am tired of going slow. I'm in the process of trying to figure out what I want. There are various places to store and launch a cat in the Port Washington area. It all depends on where you live and what fees you want to pay. PM me and I'll introduce you to local places or associations that will make you a "guest" member.
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/27/06 02:52 PM

See my reply to the above post. I'm in Manhasset and can help you guys
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/29/06 02:40 PM

how to get in touch with you?
email me with yr personl contact at
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/30/06 12:46 PM

matt,email me at
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 08/31/06 12:51 PM

Hey guys,
I'm out east in the Port Jefferson area and looking for a mast up situation nearby...any ideas?
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Re: Hello Fellow long Islanders - 10/02/06 05:50 PM

Hi all,
I'm new to the forum, and just recently returning to cat sailing.
I'm also in the Port Jeff area (Setauket) and am looking for mast up storage. I thought about the little marina on Shore Rd. near See-Port Deli, but haven't called there yet. Any luck otherwise?
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