Wave Youth National Championships

Posted By: RickWhite

Wave Youth National Championships - 03/15/08 03:36 PM

The Wave Class Assn. is going to have a Youth National Championship on Thanksgiving Weekend in 2008. Nov. 28-30 (Friday thru Sunday) which will be the weekend prior to the Open, Womens, Masters Nationals.
It will be held at Founders Park Watersports, Founders Park Beach in Islamorada, FL (the Florida Keys)
This is on the Bay Side of the Islands where there is excellent and steady winds and flat seas -- perfect conditions! Needless to say the water is crystal clear and beautiful, teeming with wildlife.
There should be about 25 boats available. We are presently looking for sponsors to defray most of the cost of chartering the boats.
This is a great class to sail in and all the boats are very competitive with each other. They are pretty fast, tack at 90-degrees and are really a blast when the wind pipes up, yet are almost indestructable, hard to capsize, easy to right.
Make plans to attend. For more info contact me <rick at catsailor dot com>or Barb Short <barb at the-helm dot com>
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Re: Wave Youth National Championships - 03/27/08 04:14 PM


It has been a long time...but What defines the 'Youth' portion of this regatta. Zach is now 16 so I assume he still qualifies, but we have some other 'Youths' that might be interested.

When could we expect an NOR or the like? Charter fees? Entry fees???

Anyway, Hope all is well with you and Mary!
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